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Episode 42

The Art of Simplicity: AI, Brand Perception, and CX

In this episode of Good Data Better Marketing, Gabrielle Boko, Chief Marketing Officer at NetApp, discusses AI as a competitive differentiator, NetApp’s brand refresh and the sustainability of AI.

Guest speaker: Gabrielle Boko

Gabrielle joined NetApp, a cloud-led data-centric software company, in January 2022 as the SVP of Portfolio Marketing and became its CMO in January 2023.

With more than 22 years experience in technology marketing, she firmly believes that the power of data and innovation must come together to drive sales and growth, which is essential to every organization’s marketing strategy in this era of digital disruption. Gabie’s work spans connecting customer success to innovative experiences in software applications and cloud services, digital strategy and marketing, customer storytelling, product UX, customer experience (CX), data science (AI and Big Data) and funnel/pipeline management.

Prior to NetApp she led organizational transformations and built high impact teams in senior marketing roles for multiple companies including HPE, Sage, SAP and Cognos.

Episode summary

In this episode, Kailey and Gabrielle discuss AI as a competitive differentiator, NetApp’s brand refresh and the sustainability of AI.

Key takeaways

  • Championing data security and bias reduction in AI helps us be more responsible with tech and become better humans.

  • When customers are at the center, we can advance things like sustainability and ethics without sacrificing other areas where we need to be successful.

  •  Customers don’t like brands to make quick assumptions about them. They want effortless interactions they can see value in.

Speaker quotes

“Customers are looking for simplicity. They're looking for simplicity and engagement. I think digital has already elevated that. Adding AI on top of digital allows us to take simplicity to a new level. Which is reduction of costs or how to think about content in a really personal way.” – Gabrielle Boko

Episode timestamps

*(02:38) - Gabrielle’s career journey

*(09:54) - AI’s impact on sustainability

*(16:15) - The biggest challenge of building a best in class customer experience

*(19:38) - How Gabrielle defines “good data”

*(22:02) - Gabrielle dives into NetApp’s rebrand

*(41:01) - Changes in customer engagement in the next 6 to 12 months

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