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The Connected Customer Journey Starts with Behavioral Insights

In this episode, Erin Pryor, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer and Client Experience at First Horizon Bank, shares how in an industry rich with data, building connected customer experiences online and offline is essential to setting a brand apart.

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Guest speaker: Erin Pryor

Results-focused strategic marketing executive with 20 years of combined experience in the Finance, Banking, and Media industries. A thoughtful and pragmatic leader with demonstrated success in businesses of all sizes, from start-up to IPO, with expertise in strategy, brand building, consumer-based integrated marketing, new product launches and digital marketing driven by actionable metrics.

Episode summary

This episode features an interview with Erin Pryor, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer and Client Experience at First Horizon Bank. Erin has 20 years of experience under her belt in the finance, banking, and media industries. Her specialties include brand marketing, digital marketing and innovation, and social media marketing.

In this episode, Erin shares how building connected experiences for customers through data is critical to the banking ecosystem. She also dives into client onboarding and the generation that, surprisingly, wants to visit their local bank branch.

Key takeaways

  • It’s critical that marketing teams are aligned with business and sales team to create a connected customer experience

  • There is always an opportunity to learn from your customer based on behaviors and demographics to segment the customer journey.

  • Pay attention to the qualitative data, it might producing surprising insights

Speaker quotes

“With banking, you’ve got so much data. We have more data on our customers and clients than any other industry because we have the behavioral data from how you spend your money, how you’re saving your money, where are you buying your homes, those types of things. And being able to rely stitch together a profile to know the client better and to be able to better serve them is going to be critical. So, the CDP with bringing together the zero, first, second, third party data and creating those profiles to then feed through into your CRM systems and into the marketing engine, really, I think puts you ahead of the game. Data is what everybody wants and really what makes the world go round today, especially from a marketer’s standpoint. If you use the data right, you’re really looking at how do you help the customer move forward and what are their life goals and how do you better lead them or encourage them to what’s next." - Erin Pryor, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer and Client Experience at First Horizon Bank

Episode timestamps

‍*(02:44) - Erin’s role at First Horizon Bank and her background

*(06:04) - Comparisons between Erin’s journalism and banking experiences

*(08:37) - Top trends Erin is seeing in banking today 

*(12:24) - How data is impacting the customer journey experience at First Horizon

*(18:06) - How Erin defines marketing vs. customer experience

*(24:45) - How segmentation impacts the client journey 

*(30:22) - An example of another company doing it right with the customer journey (hint: it’s Away)

*(33:21) - Ending advice: surround yourself with a smart team of people

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