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Episode 37

Unlocking The Modern Buyer's Journey In The Age Of AI

In this episode of Good Data Better Marketing podcast, Antonia Wade, Global CMO at PwC, discusses how today’s marketer should adapt in the world of AI when it comes to defining their buyer journey.

Guest speaker: Antonia Wade

Antonia Wade is the global CMO of PwC, leading brand strategy for one of the world's most trusted companies, creating flagship campaigns and running the marketing technology stack. Previously CMO at Capita and she led global marketing teams at Thomson Reuters and Accenture. Based in London, UK, she is on boards for ITSMA and Propolis and is a mentor for the Marketing Academy scholarship program. She has been ranked by Marketing Week as a Top 100 Marketer.

Episode summary

In this episode, Kailey and Antonia discuss how today’s marketer should adapt in the world of AI when it comes to defining their buyer journey. From spotting the disconnects in customer journey mapping to strategizing on how to efficiently move your prospects from awareness to decision, get one (or several) steps closer to understanding your buyers better.

Key takeaways

  • How AI and other trends are impacting the modern buyer today

  • Exploring strategies that PwC and its customers use to future-proof their marketing against the digital noise of generative content

  • Suggestions to drive client loyalty and create a buyer journey fit for the modern buyer

Speaker quotes

“Allow yourself some time and space to go on a transformation journey. As I say in the book, probably a large percentage of your budget is being spent for you. So, how much of the work is actually in service of the buyer and have you really critically thought about versus you do it because you've always done it. So, trying to figure out what is the buyer trying to do? What does your business actually need to spend marketing dollars on? Be prepared to have no sacred cows in that.” – Antonia Wade

Episode timestamps

‍*(03:01) - Antonia’s career journey

*(07:43) - Trends impacting marketing and customer engagement 

*(15:43) - Antonia’s take on the B2B funnel

*(22:28) - How AI can be inserted into the B2B journey 

*(29:16) - How Antonia defines “good data”

*(38:59) - Antonia’s recommendations for upleveling customer engagement strategies

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