Growth Marketing

Learn everything you need to know about growth marketing from the experts at Twilio Segment.


What is Growth Marketing?

Growth marketing is an iterative, data-driven approach to increasing customer acquisition, retention, and revenue. A defining characteristic of growth marketing is the focus on experimentation: growth marketers will launch a series of tests throughout the funnel (e.g. personalizing landing pages, A/B testing email subject lines) to better understand user interest, intent, and product-market fit – using these insights to continuously adjust campaigns.

The ultimate goal of growth marketing is to grow the business, by maximizing the value of campaigns, or better engaging customers to ensure long-lasting (and more profitable) relationships.

Twilio Engage

A growth automation platform

Scale your growth strategy with a blend of automation, communications APIs, and real-time data.

Growth marketing vs. traditional marketing

You may be wondering: how does growth marketing differ from traditional marketing? 

The main deviation is scope. Traditional marketing is focused on the top of funnel, that is: brand awareness and lead generation (i.e. gathering customer contact details like an email address, phone number, etc.). But as we mentioned above, growth marketers are concerned with the entire customer journey – equally focused on acquiring new customers as they are on retaining current ones. 

This has made growth marketing an increasingly cross-functional discipline, often marked by a collaboration between product marketers, designers, data analysts, and engineers.

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