Your customer data clarity awaits

When your data is sprawled across business units, products, and internal teams, your organization can’t trust it to make decisions or use it to serve your customers. It’s time to get your data together with Segment.


Enterprise companies choose Segment

Break down the silos between teams

Unblock the business teams that support growth, implement the best tools in days, not months, and power your decisions with the same data.

Illustration: Break down silos between teams

Create a complete view of the customer

Collect data the right way and align across teams. Understand your customer journey across all platforms and channels and optimize your offers by predicting the likelihood someone will buy.

Illustration: Create a complete view of the customer

Personalize across sites, apps, and channels

Understand your ideal customers

Create a complete and consistent customer profile that each team can use to personalize real-time experiences and respect user preferences.

Improve conversion rates

Build personalized experiences by adapting your apps and websites to showcase specific products, categories, or content depending on your customers’ recent interactions.

Illustration: Personalize across sites, apps, and channels

Enable data-driven decision making

Trust your analytics results

Help every team drive positive business impact by making trusted, real-time customer data accessible in tools and reports they want to use.

Focus on experimentation, not data clean up

Combine historical user activity data, demographic data, and transactional data to uncover insights, test ideas, and measure results.

Illustration: Enable data-driven decision making

Getting started is easy

Start connecting your data with Segment.