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No cookies? No problem. Segment helps you collect valuable first-party data, reducing your customer acquisition cost and increasing return on ad spend by enabling better targeting and multichannel engagement.

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“Having Segment has not only helped us to do the personalization work we’ve always wanted to do, but we can now improve on the effectiveness of our ad campaigns and drive that feedback loop.”

Christian Rocha Castillo

Deputy Director Ecommerce/Digital Media

Get a complete view of your customer

Understand your customer journey and unify every customer touchpoint across all platforms and channels.

Targeted messaging

Deliver a message that's timed and tailored to each audience, suitable for their preferred platform, and designed to influence behavior.

Multichannel personalization

Real-time customer profiles enable the creation of dynamic audiences, allowing for seamless journeys across both native and external channels, including both paid and owned media.

CustomerAI Predictions

Get trusted AI at your fingertips to effortlessly anticipate upcoming customer actions and create tailored campaigns without relying on data science teams.

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Push traits to build real-time audiences

Real-time, intelligent audiences

Target the right customer with the right message at the right time. Build audiences and create AI-powered real-time campaigns, without relying on other teams.

Proactively personalize with Predictive Audiences

CustomerAI Predictions includes pre-built Predictive Audiences to inspire new campaign ideas and help you quickly create AI-powered audiences in just a few clicks.

Instant mobile integrations

Send an email or show an ad within minutes of a user performing an action.

Consistent content across platforms

Send a consistent message across all channels — email, Facebook & Google ads, and in-product.

Real-time audiences

Deliver unified, personalized customer experiences

Build and activate data-driven, personalized campaigns across every customer channel from a centralized platform without relying on technical teams.

Engage anywhere in real time

Activate insights in real time, eliminating the need for manual data reconciliation and collaboration with other teams and systems.

Orchestrate journeys wherever your data is

Enhance customer engagement with personalized experiences across their preferred channels—email, SMS, WhatsApp, Push Notifications, and more—leveraging our 450+ ready-to-use integrations and customizable options.

Build a complete view of your customer

Create profiles and audiences with real-time customer interactions collected across digital touchpoints, without SQL expertise.

Illustration: Deliver Unified Customer Experiences

Endless opportunities, one centralized platform

Activate your audiences in real-time across 450+ integrations.

Consistency across channels and campaigns

Use the same audiences & data in all your tools to provide a consistent message across all channels.

Effortlessly expand your marketing reach

Test new channels for your campaigns instantly, without requiring engineering & analytical oversight.


“With real-time integrated data flows from Segment, we can truly understand what people are doing with our platform.”

Nic Sauriol

Software Development Leader

increase in revenue following a three-month customer messaging pilot program

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