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Find the right plan and add-ons to enable your engineering, marketing, and product teams to power adaptive, personalized customer experiences with good data.


Collect real-time event data from 450+ pre-built sources, including the warehouse, and send unified customer data to your favorite marketing and analytics tools.

Plans: Free, Team, and Business

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What you can do with Connections:

Enable engineering teams to:

  • Collect and unify real-time events with customer data in the warehouse

  • Send customer data to 450+ destinations

  • Govern data for quality and compliance

Optional add-on

  • Advanced data governance

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

The most complete, extensible, and scalable CDP that enables technical and business users to create unified profiles, build audiences, orchestrate personalized journeys in real-time, and enhance every experience with data from your warehouse.

Plans: Unify, Unify Plus, and Engage

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Everything in Connections AND:

Enable engineering teams to:

  • Automatically generate identity-resolved profiles

  • Collect and unify real-time events with customer data in the warehouse

  • Enrich and activate unified profile data to downstream tools

  • Govern data for quality and compliance

Enable marketing teams to:

  • Get a complete view of the customer

  • Create and manage audiences

  • Orchestrate customer journeys and campaigns

  • Leverage predictive and generative AI

Optional add-on

  • Advanced data governance

  • Audience & profile enrichment

  • AI recommended audiences

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Artificial Intelligence

Segment makes it easier than ever to understand, predict, and generate 1:1 customer engagement in real time and at scale.

Predictive AI

Predict customer behavior using a no-code builder to power more timely, targeted, and precise personalized experiences on every channel.

Available with Unify Plus and Engage plans.

Generative AI for Marketers

Create and launch complex audiences in minutes with a simple text prompt.

Available with Engage plans.

Generative AI for Developers

Generate and optimize code in minutes from natural language prompts (with rETL support for Functions) to create custom integrations and capabilities faster than ever.

Available with all CDP and Connections Business plans.

Illustration: Artificial Intelligence


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