Increase trial conversion with onboarding using Pendo with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

With Segment, Pendo, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you can increase trial conversions through an intelligent onboarding and re-engagement strategy using the power of all three tools.

In a software trial process, the goal is always to drive to first value and then to foster continued engagement to convert from a trial to a paying customer. With Pendo, you can create an in-app automated onboarding tour to showcase features that increase conversion.

If the onboarding tour is not completed, you can push that information to Segment Personas where you can compute custom user traits (e.g. user has abandoned the Pendo onboarding flow and the Opportunity value is higher than $10K) and sync those traits to an email marketing tool like Salesforce Marketing Cloud. From there, you can send emails to the trial users that incent them to come back into the product to complete the onboarding process.

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How Pendo works with Segment

Pendo is a complete product experience platform combining product analytics, in-app messages, user sentiment, feature requests collection, and product roadmap. With Pendo, you can understand what your users do, how they feel, and what they want, then deliver targeted in-app messages and guides to improve the way they use your product.

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