Support Plans

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Benefits of Support Plans

Guaranteed Response

Receive problem resolution services with guaranteed response time. Guaranteed response time depends on the priority level. Your most critical issues will immediately move to the top of the list.

24X7 Support

We provide 24x7 support 365 days a year for your mission-critical services in need of immediate support. Contact our Support team anytime and any day for urgent help.

Support Account Manager

A named Support Account Manager that knows your setup and history, so no time is wasted in fixing problems that come up.

Support Plans

A plan for your every need. Every account gets Standard Support.

Premium +
Included in license fee
($60k min total spend) 8% of license fee
($100k min total spend) 15% of license fee
($250k min total spend) 15% of license fee
Target Response Time — P1
1 Hour (24/7)
15 Minutes (24/7)
15 Minutes (24/7)
Target Response Time — P2
2 Hours (24/7)
2 Hours (24/7)
Ticket Prioritization
System status notifications
Email/Web support
Named support account manager

(1) Only Premium+ Support provides a named Support Account Manager (SAM) who will be available during the SAM’s regular business hours to manage Support Tickets. Outside regular business hours, Premium+ Support Tickets may be managed by someone else from the Support Team.

Segment may, at its sole discretion, update these support plans at any time; however, in no event will any update to these support plans result in any material reduction in the features of the individual support plan to which you are subscribed at the time of such update. The then-current support plans will be available on this webpage.

Which Support Plan is right for me?

If you need help deciding which Support Plan fits your needs, feel free to contact us.

Submitting a Support Ticket

Customers with Advanced, Premium, or Premium+ Support must select a priority level for Support Tickets submitted via the Support Portal and provide a technical contact to help gather data, test, and apply fixes during the 24x7 period.

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