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The world’s most innovative companies build personalized customer experiences with Twilio and Segment

Twilio + Segment

Twilio + Segment are better together with Twilio Engage

Twilio Engage combines Twilio’s scalable, reliable communication APIs with Segment’s world-class customer data infrastructure, so you can design personalized omnichannel campaigns across all channels.

“With Twilio Engage, we are able to collect, unify and connect customer data in real time and build meaningful relationships at every touchpoint of the customer journey. We’re accelerating our digital business and data infrastructure by nearly a decade, and by doing so, delighting our customers.“

Amit Shah


Delight your customers across all digital channels

Meet your customers where they are by engaging on any channel – video, voice, email and messaging – you name it.

Illustration: Delight your customers across all digital channels

Create one customer conversation

Coordinate customer interactions across every touchpoint so your customer-facing teams always have the context to pick up where the conversation left off.

Illustration: Create one customer conversation

Make every interaction meaningful

Identify your most important audiences and optimize for the best channel, time, frequency and message for every single customer.

Illustration: Make every interaction meaningful.

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Twilio is optimized for builders, delivering a world-class experience and tools to let you build unique experiences, faster.

Illustration: Loved by 10 Million Developers

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