Become an analytics expert.

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Intro to Analytics

Here's how to think about analytics, the best way to choose metrics, different ways to use your data, and how to set yourself up for future growth.

Collecting the Right Data

Garbage in, garbage out! Your data-driven decisions are only as good as the quality of data you collect. Here's how to track the right data so you can have a clean, consistent data set to work from.

Choosing the Right Stack

With more data tools coming on the market each year, finding the right one can be overwhelming. We’ll help you navigate this crazy world by breaking down how vendors compare across analytics, email, push, support, optimization categories, and more.

Building a Data Driven Company

Learn how to develop a company culture with data at the center. Learn how the best in class companies use data to set strategy & goals, drive accountability, and guide product development.

Grow using data

Activate your data to drive centralized audience management & personalized messaging to up-level acquisition, engagement, and monetization efforts.

Advanced Analytics

Solve the hardest analytics challenges in days, not years. Model activation with Habit and A-HA moments, quantify product usability, build product journey maps, and build an attribution model.

Building a Scalable Data Infrastructure

Discover and avoid the challenges from scaling a data infrastrucure from tens of events a second to millions of events a second. Learn what it takes to ingest data reliably and in a compliant way.