Grow using data

Activate your data to drive centralized audience management & personalized messaging to up-level acquisition, engagement, and monetization efforts.

Boosting return on ad spend

To drive continued and sustained growth, you need to get digital advertising right. A good indicator that you’ve done that is a strong return on ad spend (ROAS). In this chapter, we’ll cover some tips and tricks that will help you maximize your ROAS and keep those new users flowing in.

Finding growth opportunities in your product with data

How to think about increasing product adoption, the different possible levers of growth, and the tools available.

How to create the best audiences for your campaigns

Getting the right message to the right person at the right time requires that your tools are working off the right audiences. While 1:1 communication may be out of the question as you scale, it doesn’t mean you can’t engage users and personal and relevant ways. Check out this lesson to learn more about the audiences every B2C and B2B company can use to guarantee high engagement.

Identify your company’s growth model

This lesson walks through what a growth model is, some great examples, and most importantly how to identify and build your own growth model.

Personalize your campaigns with your data warehouse

Make your marketing campaigns even more powerful by importing data from your data warehouse using Personas SQL Traits.

The quickest wins in SEO

Want to punch above your weight in the SEO game? This lesson will walk through some quick wins when it comes to your SEO strategy, from quick technical fixes to ongoing optimization strategies.

Three simple email campaigns that can help improve retention

If you could boost conversion 30% for $50 a month, would you? Check out these three quick and easy email campaigns that every company should try running in order to successfully onboard and engage more of your users.