Today, we’re excited to share Analytics Academy—a helpful guide to becoming an analytics expert. You’ll start with the basics of how to think about analytics and level up into when is the right time to consider SQL, and more!

The Academy is chock full of best practices we’ve learned by working with thousands of companies on their analytics setup, tool stack, and internal infrastructure.

You can sign up (via email or Slack) for the intro course today! Each week we’ll send a lesson to you on topics including proper analytics implementation, maintaining clean and consistent data, which tools are right for you, and how to leverage your raw data.

Why now?

You may have read Analytics Academy from Segment a few years back. But since then, a few important things have changed.

  • It’s easier than ever to start collecting data and using analytics tools. What’s hard is narrowing your focus and making the data in your tools actually useful.

  • The types of things you can do with your data and the landscape of tools to manage those projects has exploded.

  • On the Segment side, we’ve developed a stronger set of best practices by working with thousands of customers on their analytics setup, preferred stack, and evolving set of data challenges.

And now, we’re bringing these learnings to you!

The new content focuses on a single narrative of analytics—how to use it to improve your product, best practices in data collection, frameworks for selecting a set of tools, and ways to cultivate a data-forward organization.

We hope you find the Academy educational and helpful. If you have any topics you’d like us to cover or ideas on the content, we’d love to hear them! Tweet us your thoughts @Segment!