Yahoo Audiences

Yahoo DSP enables customers to plan and run omnichannel campaigns.

  • Easy data onboarding in the Yahoo's full-funnel programmatic advertising platform, Yahoo DSP

  • Seamless matching against Yahoo ConnectID enables omnichannel activation, including user-level reach, across digital environments

  • Designed to drive real business results for brands

  • Easily target, optimize, and measure across omnichannel campaigns

  • Scalable quality supply for enhanced reach

  • AI-driven algorithm for improved targeting and efficiency

  • Actionable insights provided to meet specific business needs

Yahoo Audiences

How Yahoo Audiences Works

Segment's integration with Yahoo DSP is exclusive to customers of Segment's Engage product. Segment ensures automatic audience updates to the Yahoo DSP segment, reflecting user movements in and out of audiences basis, maintaining data accuracy and relevance.

Yahoo Audiences

Get more out of Yahoo with Segment

The integration with Yahoo Audiences offers seamless syncing of Segment's audience data, utilizing supported identifiers such as email, phone, or mobile advertising IDs. These identifiers are hashed as required by Segment. To link the audience to the Yahoo DSP destination, users can navigate through the Engage UI. Once successfully linked, a segment labeled with the Engage audience name and ID becomes readily visible within the Yahoo DSP portal.

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