Gleap (Action)

Customer feedback & success platform

Gleap is a comprehensive customer feedback platform designed for apps and websites. It offers a range of features and tools to enhance customer success and product improvement. Here's a breakdown of what Gleap offers:

  1. Visual Bug Reporting: Allows users to report bugs visually, facilitating faster and more efficient bug resolution.

  2. Live Chat & Team Inbox: Provides real-time customer support through live chat functionality.

  3. Public Roadmaps: Enables the sharing of product roadmaps with users, fostering transparency and engagement.

  4. Marketing Automation: Targets customers effectively with marketing tools integrated within the platform.

  5. Product Tours and Checklists: Helps in turning signups into active users through guided product tours and custom checklists.

  6. Knowledge Base: Allows for the creation of a comprehensive help center, making information readily accessible.

  7. Surveys & Marketing Automation: Offers tools to gather user feedback and insights to improve products.

  8. Much more 🎉

Gleap (Action)

How Gleap Works

Gleap can be installed with one line of code in web apps, websites & apps.

Gleap (Action)

Get more out of Gleap with Segment

Every outreach, such as surveys, emails, product tours, checklists, and news updates, can be sent using dynamic events and specific user properties.

To simplify the process, this integration enables the seamless transfer of events and user details from Segment directly to Gleap, ensuring a more integrated and efficient experience.

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