Segment’s composable customer data platform

We know companies want to choose the software and tools that best meet their business needs—leveraging APIs, pre-built connectors, and an open platform architecture.

Segment can help you collect and govern customer data, and then understand and activate customer profiles. And, Segment’s flexibility and extensibility enables you to move fast, accelerate time to market and scale and evolve your business over time, future-proofing your CDP investment.

For information about how Segment handles your personal data, please see our privacy policy.

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Segment is a powerful complement to your data warehouse

With Reverse ETL and Unify, Segment customers can choose to make their warehouse a source of truth while leveraging Segment to deliver accurate, rich customer profiles that can be activated in hundreds of downstream channels. Reverse ETL helps companies activate data in the warehouse by sending it directly to downstream destinations like a company’s marketing or analytics tools of choice.

What’s more, Forrester cited a 35% reduction in data engineers’ time spent on data management activities when using Segment, compared to home-grown solutions, representing a significant cost savings and offering a boost to the happiness of engineers everywhere.

Segment’s composable platform is open, easy to use, and integrated with all your favorite applications

Open, flexible and scalable

Segment’s open, flexible, scalable architecture enables engineers to preserve choice in building out their tech stack.

Segment’s customer data platform integrates with a wide variety of systems—including data warehouses and SaaS applications—ensuring maximum compatibility both now and as your business grows.

Easily grow your business

Segment’s approach has made it easy for thousands of companies worldwide to save time and resources by not having to cobble together immature tools and maintain what amounts to a bespoke CDP, enabling them to concentrate on more strategic initiatives for their business.

Integrated with hundred of applications

Segment’s pre-built, high-quality connectors and easy to use tools accelerate implementation times and simplify on-going management, significantly lightening the load on data teams.

Segment’s catalog of 450+ pre-built integrations save companies significant time and effort connecting Segment into their tech stack with the flexibility to easily onboard new applications.

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Move quickly without compromise

Businesses need the building blocks to move quickly, along with the flexibility to customize their data infrastructure to match their needs. Developers trust Segment because we have extensive documentation, open-source tools, and pre-built recipes at your disposal. For instance, Source Functions ensures you can collect data from any third-party app, while our Analytics.js 2.0 and mobile SDKs enable developers to augment events before or after they occur, or even when they’re in-flight.

Segment’s low cost composable CDP has deep integrations with every major data warehouse and robust data portability. Simplify your data stack and eliminate the need to spend years procuring or building your own bespoke solution with the platform that has spent over a decade building the leading customer data platform.

And, for those companies that want a complete solution, Segment allows you to choose between composable components or active our full platform with customer data infrastructure, ETL, identity resolution, profile orchestration, multi-channel activation, data governance and privacy compliance, all in one real-time platform.

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