Better attribution boosts topline growth and increases ROAS 117% for Big Red Group

With Twilio Segment and, Big Red Group (BRG) has grown revenue through partnerships by 32% in just 5 months and was able to increase ROAS by 117% year over year.

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"Having worked in affiliates and partnerships for close to a decade, I can say without a doubt that is the best platform to manage and grow partners at scale. It’s super easy to use, is extremely flexible, and has so many powerful features and capabilities. The integration with Twilio Segment was seamless and exemplary of their innovation in the market. We now have superior accuracy, capacity, and insight into the symbiotic relationship between our partners and customers."

Michael Mironowicz, Affiliate Manager, Big Red Group


When BRG first started building its affiliate program, their partnerships were heavy on discount deal sites and short on upper-funnel, value-led partners. They also had too little transparency into performance and too much emphasis on vanity metrics. For the last four years BRG has been using Twilio Segment, the leading customer data platform, to provide an easy way to integrate customer data across their business. That made it a no-brainer to put the partnership management platform in place and start to align their partnerships to their business goals and audience.


The native integration between and Twilio Segment enabled BRG to have a universal view of their customers across all channels as well as a unified measurement solution. It also offered BRG the most future-proofed tracking configuration via page-load API, which took them only minutes to integrate as opposed to a direct integration which could take weeks. With Twilio Segment and, BRG gained access to valuable partner insights such as contribution-level data, and cross-device and cross-channel reporting. Most importantly, this advanced tracking solution does not rely on third-party cookies, ensuring that BRG’s tech stack remains compliant and privacy-forward.

Thanks to Twilio Segment and, partnerships now contribute a significant portion of BRG’s revenue, and they’re creating new ways for the company to build its brand and connect with customers. BRG can now discover and work with a broad array of partnership types and clearly measure and optimize the value of each one.

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