How edX uses Segment for product and business analytics

Segment made it easy for edX to access data, answer questions, and make faster changes than ever before by using omnichannel data collected from its iOS and Android apps, website and servers.

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“Segment provides an easy-to-use on/off switch to manage our analytics services. We don’t need to deploy code or touch configuration files whenever we want to change something, which saves us a lot of time.”

— Olga Stroilova, PH.D., Analytics and Research, edX

The Company

edX is a trusted platform for education and learning. Founded by Harvard and MIT, edX is home to more than 20 million learners, the majority of top-ranked universities in the world and industry-leading companies. As a global nonprofit, edX is transforming traditional education, removing the barriers of cost, location and access. Supporting learners at every stage, whether entering the job market, changing fields, seeking a promotion or exploring new interests, edX delivers courses for curious minds on topics ranging from data and computer science to leadership and communications.

The Challenge

Several different teams inside edX wanted to easily and quickly access metrics for product, marketing, and business analytics needs. Third-party tools like Google Analytics and Mixpanel could answer edX's BI and product development questions, but integrating with each service directly would have required adding cumbersome, repetitive code to its site that would be difficult to maintain.

Interested in understanding its signup funnel, edX wanted to capture important events, like when students viewed its course directory or registered for a class. The edX engineering team was spending hours to instrument code multiple times to send the same analytics events to each of its tools.

The Solution

To overcome analytics integration and maintenance challenges, the edX team implemented Segment. Segment provided edX with a unified platform to easily integrate and turn on multiple third-party analytics and marketing tools, saving its engineers time and empowering business analysts. In addition, Segment helped provide edX the security measures required of it to work with student data.

Segment saves engineers time traditionally spent instrumenting tools, and gives business analysts a complete set of customer data to slice and dice as they please. Whenever edX has a question about how to implement tracking or which tools to try, Segment’s success team is there to help.

The Results

Because edX sends its data through Segment’s single hub, each of its tools receives consistent data that is easier to analyze. With Segment, edX can quickly add new business intelligence events, clean up event flows, and add or change existing integrations.

Since edX implemented Segment, it can easily send its data to any app on the platform, or even to internal systems. To integrate a new tool, edX toggles it on in the Segment control panel, then copies in its account credentials. That’s it! Segment transforms and sends along its data automatically.

Industry: Education
Location: Boston, MA