How Jumbo Interactive transforms its business with Segment and FullStory

Jumbo Interactive launched a new product line and improved user experience, resulting in a 3% increase in B2C sales

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“Segment proves its value with every new tool we onboard. With FullStory, for example, I didn’t have to rely on a team to set up an integration. I was able to get the platform up, running, and recording (custom events included) within minutes.”

— Patrick Gordon, Principle Product Manager at Jumbo Interactive


Jumbo Interactive is a digital retailer for lottery tickets in Australia. In addition to selling individual lottery tickets (a B2C e-commerce model), the 25-year-old company sought to optimize and expand its existing B2C lottery sales by offering cutting-edge technical lottery management software (a B2B model). 

To quickly expand its business model, the company needed increased visibility into conversion, adoption, and user experience for the new software. Jumbo Interactive turned to Segment and FullStory to uplevel their new product’s digital experience. 

The Challenge

Centralizing data to power experimentation

Jumbo Interactive shifted its business model in 2019. The company expanded its offering from exclusively selling lottery tickets online to providing lottery software. This shift required a  different understanding of user engagement and a customer-driven product roadmap. 

To understand adoption and customer churn metrics to bolster B2B2C growth, Patrick Gordon, principal product manager, needed to reimagine Jumbo Interactive’s tech stack. “I had started looking at experimentation platforms. But I quickly realized we were nowhere near ready because we didn’t understand what customers were doing, let alone what behaviors we wanted to modify or encourage.” To fill in the gaps, Gordon outlined a four-step vision for Jumbo Interactive’s technology stack.

The company’s tech stack must allow teams to:

  1. Own a centralized customer data pipeline

  2. Understand and improve existing conversion funnel

  3. Enable long-tail customer analysis to uncover new insights

  4. Optimize and innovate through experimentation. 

With the requirements outlined above, Gordon built a business case that highlighted improved data collection, scaled user insights, and leveraging the power of product analytics for the entire organization. The potential for cross-functional impact helped Gordon to secure the budget needed to adopt two new platforms — Segment and FullStory. “I knew we were going to bring on multiple platforms in building our digital experience stack,” he explains. “I’m a programmer by trade, and I also knew that we were not going to do custom integrations for all the various platforms — that, frankly, is the way of the Dodo.”

The Solution

Visibility at scale with FullStory and Segment

To work on retention, churn, and launching a new business line, Jumbo Interactive first needed a reliable customer data platform. Both Gordon’s product team and the marketing team had already started an evaluation of Segment. The two teams defined the customer events to track and quickly set them up in Segment. From there, customer data is sent across all connected platforms in their stack. With trusted data infrastructure in place, Gordon examined the customer’s digital experience. 

Once Jumbo Interactive started tracking events in Segment, Gordon realized that he needed a deeper understanding of product engagement. Historical attempts at user testing were costly and challenging to scale based on the lottery industry constraints.

With Segment in place, Jumbo Interactive added FullStory in minutes to understand user behavior at a fraction of the cost. FullStory enables the company to understand user behavior at an aggregate level and an individual user’s experience. With Fullstory and Segment, Jumbo Interactive identified several business-critical issues and removed them to minimize user friction across the digital experience. 

Now that Jumbo Interactive has reliable customer data and transparency into user experiences, Gordon is adamant about breaking down internal silos. With his persistence, product and engineering are collaborating more than ever, and sharing user experience wins. The entire organization observes and learns from the observations in product and engineering. As a result, Gordon and his team gain credibility and continue to show how they use Segment and FullStory to drive value. 

The Results

Increased conversion and quicker bug resolution

With Segment and FullStory in place, Jumbo Interactive improved user experience to increase the overall conversion rate by 3%. In addition to tightening up its conversion funnel, Jumbo Interactive quickly identified critical problem areas, saving the company tens of thousands of dollars. 

Now, the product team uses customer data from Segment and digital experience data from FullStory to prioritize improvements that will add value to customers. Gordon is clear that all teams at Jumbo Interactive benefit from Segment’s ease of use. 

“Segment proves its value with every new tool we onboard. With FullStory, for example, I didn’t have to rely on a team to set up an integration. I was able to get the platform up, running, and recording (custom events included) within minutes,” Gordon says.

Industry: B2B Tech
Location: Queensland, Australia