Customer Story

LogMeIn builds a data-driven culture with Segment.

Segment helped LogMeIn develop a standard way to access and use data to build better software for millions of customers.

The Challenge

To keep up with millions of users across a wide array of products, LogMeIn needed to replace its slow, siloed process of one-off data analysis with a system that collects all data at high speed and makes it available to everyone who needs access, even those who aren’t analysts.

The Solution

LogMeIn’s IT team tested and then onboarded Segment’s API across their mobile apps, web apps, and websites and found they could easily turn on tools for other teams as needed. The company now uses a wide variety of analytics, tracking, and marketing tools through Segment, all of which requires zero additional engineering work.

The Result

Because Segment makes it easy to experiment with a wide variety of tools, LogMeIn has been able to develop a flexible array of best-of-breed analytics and marketing solutions. With the ability to prove that a tool creates value before justifying its purchase, LogMeIn is using Segment to modernize their analytics infrastructure.

B2B SaaS
Boston, MA
Segment allowed us to experiment with a wide variety of tools, from customer success, to analytics, to survey tools, so we could provide value before we had to justify it.
Jon Borthwick, Director of Products, Identity & Access Management

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