Rokfin uses Segment to unlock powerful new customer journey insights

Rokfin decreased data storage costs by 60% and increased customer dashboard engagement by 20%

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“Segment Data Lakes saves us time by cutting a step out of moving data to a warehouse. We can now query directly from Amazon S3. Segment also saves us money because we can now query what we want when we want without worrying about costs. In fact, we no longer need a data warehouse. ”

— Casey Kent, Lead Infrastructure Engineer, Rokfin


Rokfin is the world’s leading platform for content creators to monetize their content and set up subscription services. Rokfin uses unique blockchain technology to help content creators earn more money for the subscribers they are able to land and retain.

Understanding user behavior is critical to growing Rokfin’s business and enabling their content creators to grow their subscriptions. However, the data Rokfin needed to derive advanced customer insights and continue innovating was not easily accessible.

Rokfin turned to the Segment CDP to help them future-proof their data architecture, and to make it possible to track and manage their customer data in a central location. Segment Data Lakes gave Rokfin easy access to all of their raw data in Amazon S3, making their data more usable, and unlocking new datasets to create powerful internal and customer-facing dashboards. 

By using Segment, Rokfin was able to derive new insights to drive customer success, while saving money moving off of their data warehouse. As a result, Rokfin saw a 20% increase in customer dashboard engagement and a 60% decrease in overall data storage costs.

The Challenge

Accessing holistic customer data was ineffective with Rokfin’s existing warehouse solution

Rokfin is hyper-focused on making their content creators successful by giving them the tools they need to drive more subscribers and improve user engagement. In order to do this, they need easy access to all of their end-users behavioral and contextual data, including data from Chargify, Snowflake, Amazon S3, Atatus, Pingdom, front-end Segment events, and more to power advanced customer analytics.

However, Rokfin’s data warehouse solution was limiting their ability to innovate and scale. Rokfin was limited by the tools they could connect with their warehouse and their warehouse didn’t allow them to marry the behavioral and contextual data necessary to derive advanced customer analytics and power next-level customer dashboards. Rokfin needed a flexible, easily accessible, and central repository for all customer data across the business to live.

Rokfin decided to rethink their data architecture and raw data storage solution to more easily provide their business and customers with the advanced insights needed.

The Solution

Segment enables Rokfin to power advanced customer journey insights and future-proof their data architecture  

Segment made it easy to empower both their content creators and internal business teams with new insights across the holistic customer journey. Rokfin was able to uplevel their customer dashboards by marrying Segment’s raw behavioral data with their payment and subscription data.

Internally, Rokfin’s data teams were able to build better product-level and business dashboards. Externally, Rokfin launched powerful customer dashboards to give content creators insights to help them optimize their own processes and acquire more subscribers.  

Segment Data Lakes enabled Rokfin to marry the data sets necessary to build the customer-facing dashboards shared below. Creators can now easily visualize what drives new subscribers and retains subscribers, which is extremely valuable information to Rokfin’s users. 

“These dashboards marry Segment’s behavioral data with clickstream data, payment data and subscription data, and show users which clicks led to subscriptions, which is how creators get rewarded,” Casey Kent at Rokfin. 

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Rokfin's customer dashboard engagement over time

Rokfin’s data teams also gained efficiencies with their data architecture by moving to Segment Data Lakes. With Segment Data Lakes, they were able to move away from a data warehouse to store behavioral customer data, and instead use Amazon S3 as the source of truth for all customer data, saving time and money. Segment Data Lakes gave Rokfin the flexibility to easily connect new tools and use the tool stack they wanted, instead of being locked into the data warehouse’s query layer. Rokfin’s lead infrastructure engineer says:

“Segment Data Lakes saves us time by cutting a step out of moving data to a warehouse. We can now query directly from Amazon S3. Segment also saves us money because we can now query what we want when we want without worrying about costs. In fact, we no longer need a data warehouse.”

The Results

Rokfin improves customer insights and engagement, saves time, and saves money. 

The Segment CDP, and specifically the Data Lakes offering, set Rokfin up to support the ever-changing needs of their business, product, and customer base with powerful new analytics. Rokfin gained the flexibility to query and glean insights from their raw Segment data as well as other unstructured data, and marry datasets to extract new insights. 

By using Segment, Rokin was able to increase customer engagement while decreasing time and money spent maintaining a data architecture. They were able to:

 Increase customer dashboard engagement by 20%

  • Decrease data storage costs by 60%

  • Decrease time spent building and maintaining a data storage system by 20%

By unlocking new, powerful user analytics and a more scalable and flexible data architecture, Rokfin was able to empower their internal teams and content creators to make better data-driven decisions.

Industry: B2B Tech
Location: Austin, Texas