The ultimate analytics setup at a startup’s favorite price.

Collecting analytics data is critical to finding product-market fit.That’s why we’re giving early-stage startups Segment for free for up to two years.

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Getting analytics right is critical for an early-stage startup

“Segment helps businesses set up analytics the way it was meant to be—quantifying product-market fit, understanding customers, and trying new tools— all without redundant or time-consuming work."

Gustaf Alströmer, partner at

Power all of your apps with the same data

Segment makes analytics and data collection easy. Instrument your analytics once, and integrate with 250+ tools with the flip of a switch.

Our analytics API makes collecting data simple. Reduce all of your tracking code and advertising tags into a single API.

Get $25,000 in Segment credits

Eligibility Requirements

  • Incorporated less than two years ago
  • Raised no more than $5MM in total funding
  • Located in an approved territory
  • Haven’t previously received other Segment discounts

Eligible startups get full access to our Team Plan (up to $25,000 value) free for up to two years. You’ll also get:

$1M in free software
We’ve partnered with marketing and analytics companies like AWS, Google, and Intercom to offer sweet deals on the tools startups need most.

Analytics Academy
Access the educational resources to help you become the expert on data analytics and measuring product-market fit.

Segment is built for startups

Thousands of startups, from early-stage to unicorn, trust Segment as their single hub to collect, manage and route analytics data.




Prediction: Segment is going to be a bigger deal than most people currently realize!

6:28 PM - 6 Apr 2016




Managed to spin up a @Google Tag Manager container, a dataLayer, had some track and page tags fire up with @segment, then hooked up Google Analytics, @Intercom, @Facebook Pixel, @Twitter Ads, and @LinkedIn Ads destinations, all in one afternoon and with no dev support. Happy man!

3:19 AM - 5 Jan 2018




3 years old and still gold! Thank you @segment @SeanEllis @kalivia for the tracking recos

4:59 PM - 11 Jan 2018

A decades’ worth of analytics & growth lessons

Get started with analytics the right way. Learn from experts on how to quantify product market fit, design your first funnel, tracking plan, and metrics. And build a data driven company.

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Get your favorite price on your favorite tools.

Focus on building your product. We’ll get you a sweet discount on all of the best marketing and analytics tools that work with Segment.

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$20k in Google Cloud Platform credits



90% off Mode Business for year one & free White Label Embeds (embedded analytics).

90% off their Premium Plan for 1 year



Up to 90% off HubSpot software, resources, and support through the HubSpot for Startups Program.



90% off their Growth plan for 1 year



Over 80% off all Intercom pro products and custom bots for up to 12 months.



60% off their Professional Plan



12-month extended trial of the Hotjar Plus plan



1 free year of The Zendesk Suite* (Support, Chat, Talk and Guide)



90% discount off ENT plan (all features enabled) with annual commitment

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