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What is Personas?

Personas is a new product built on the Segment platform. With Personas, you can treat your customers like people, not data points.

Identity Resolution

Unify user history across devices and channels into one comprehensive profile

Trait and Audience Building

Synthesize raw data into traits, audiences, and predictions for each customer


Use these enrichments to personalize marketing campaigns and in-app experiences

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Identity Resolution

Combine user history across devices and channels

Merge a user’s identity across different channels into one profile, whether they browsed on the web, bought on mobile, or submitted a support ticket.

Match IDs with accuracy

Personas is built on the Identity Graph, a new technology that merges the identities that you're sending to Segment to the right profile.

Stop maintaining a million micro-services

Let Segment handle the infrastructure required to update derived user traits and push them to your marketing tools.

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Trait Building

Surface insights from a wealth of data

Build Computed Traits on top of your data, like average order value and Audiences like Weekend Buyers, to help you send more targeted messages.

Create audiences with a few clicks or code

Personas offers several options for building Computed Traits and Audiences. Use the flexibility of code or a drag-and-drop interface to configure audiences meaningful to your business.

Export user-level features to train your predictive models

Export Personas data to train your models, then score your users with predictive traits in real-time.

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Cater your marketing to each customer

Segment syncs your Computed Traits and Audiences to your favorite marketing tools, like Facebook Ads, Marketo, Optimizely, and more, so you can tailor your campaigns to each person.

Develop targeted in-app experiences

Use the Personas Profile API to programmatically access user profiles and personalize your on-site and in-app experience.

Keep your messages in sync

By creating your Audiences within Segment instead of your end tools, you can keep your segmentation rules consistent across channels.

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Join innovative companies using Segment to drive personalization

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Key Features

Security & Privacy

Rest easy knowing your data is safe. Your data is encrypted from end-to-end and at rest. We never sell or share user data, and Personas will be GDPR ready.

Low Latency

Don't wait for ETL jobs and SQL queries to run. Personas computes traits in just about real-time.

Automatic Updates

Keep your Audiences fresh. Custom Traits will compute automatically based on new user behavior.



Personas will be launching in 2018. Request a spot in the beta to get a sneak peek before everyone else.

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