A/B test and personalize customer journeys and funnels with Twilio Engage

In this recipe, you’ll learn how to use Engage (formerly Personas) and Destinations by Segment and the A/B testing tool, Kameleoon, to target website visitors with experiments that can help financial services companies up-sell and cross-sell products and services.


Made by Kameleoon


Made by Speero

What do you need?

  • Segment account

  • Segment Personas

  • Kameleoon account

A/B test and personalize customer journeys and funnels based on Segment Personas

Collect data once with Segment and send it any tool you use. No more tedious integrations. No more engineering resources wasted.

Start with Segment

Many banks and insurers serve huge and diverse demographic bases. While these large and loyal audiences can help financial services companies quickly reach statistical confidence with their A/B tests and personalizations, it also means they have to cater to many different customer needs. This recipe combines Segment Personas and Kameleoon to enable any financial services organization to target their customers with A/B tests on Kameleoon - using any attribute(s) stored on Segment.

Possible use cases for financial services companies with this recipe

  • Cross-sell to existing customers. E.g. promote homeowner’s insurance to those that have taken out a mortgage or recently moved.

  • Up-sell customers with additional products and services. E.g. users with a balance over/under a designated amount receive special offers.

  • Personalize landing pages based on customer type. E.g. personal vs. business banking.

  • Retarget customers that have dropped out of a funnel. E.g. offer a special quote for a loan, mortgage, or credit card.

  • Pre-fill form fields with information available in Segment.

  • Show different offers and localized services to users based on their geographic location.

What you’ll need

This recipe assumes you have Segment installed, and that you’re tracking events. If not, check out the documentation here. You will also need a Kameleoon account.

Step 1: Send relevant user attributes for each user to Segment

The first step is to send user attributes together with events and impressions data from your site into Segment Source. This depends on the type of integration your site is using but here’s how you can do this with Javascript.


Make sure to include all relevant user attributes and update data as new information becomes available. For example, when someone on a free plan transfers onto a paid plan.

Besides sending basic user data from the front end using Javascript, it is also possible to integrate Segment with your backend database from which you can get a much richer dataset about each user. This can include customers’ lifetime value, how long they’ve been a customer, etc.

Segment has a wide range of data sources available for most programming languages, mobile app platforms, data warehouses, and various tools like Intercom or Klaviyo. This ensures you can build a very rich dataset and use it to maximize your optimization efforts.

Step 2: Create relevant personas with the user attributes sent to Segment

Personas is a powerful personalization platform that enables you to create unified customer profiles in Segment, build and enrich audiences, and activate audiences across marketing tools.

Personas is available only to workspaces using Segment’s Business Tier plan. If you’re already a Segment customer on a Business Tier plan, contact your Customer Success Manager to get access to Personas.

Personas are built using various user attributes that you have sent to Segment via the SDKs or that segment is pulling from your data warehouse. Values that you are sending using the Javascript client library and the identify call will show up as Custom Traits.

Now, you can use the user data and the audience builder to create a persona matching your use case.


There are several ways you can define audiences within Segment Personas. Take a look at the official documentation for more information.

Step 3: Enable connection between Segment and Kameleoon to receive persona information

The first step is to add Kameleoon as a Destination in your Segment account for the source of your choice.  Check out the documentation here for more information on how to set up the Kameleoon Destination.


Kameleoon allows you to target users based on their belonging to a Segment persona. In order to be able to use personas in Kameleoon’s Segment builder, you will need to set up custom data in your Kameleoon account. Take a look at the documentation for more information (section Personas.)

Step 4: Create a new experiment and target visitors based on user attributes stored in Segment

Once you have everything configured, Segment Personas will be automatically available in Kameleoon’s Segment builder so that you can create a new experiment and target visitors based on their belonging to Personas.


You can then use your Personas in any experiment. Please check out the documentation here to know more about it.

Once your experiment is live, you’ll be able to see and analyze how the Personas performed in the experiment on Kameleoon and/or your preferred analytic solution(s).


Wrapping Up 

Here’s what we’ve done in this recipe:

  • We sent customer data using different client libraries from our site and backend databases into Segment.

  • Next, we used the audience builder within Segment Personas to create the personas.

  • Then, we connected Segment to Kameleoon and sent relevant persona information into the A/B testing tool.

  • Now, these personas are available for any A/B tests and personalization campaigns using Kameleoon.

  • Bonus tip! Use Kameleoon as a Segment Source to feed Segment with data generated by the A/B tests and personalization campaigns run on Kameleoon. This will further enrich the user attributes and Personas stored on Segment.   

This is a highly versatile recipe that will allow any type of company, including financial services ones, to securely leverage data about their customers stored in Segment to create beginner to advanced A/B test and personalization campaigns on Kameleoon. 

If you have any questions about how to use this recipe, please reach out to Speero You can reach Kameleoon for questions about building A/B tests and personalizations. Both teams are happy and ready to help.

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