In November, we announced a brand new product, Segment SQL, that transforms and loads your customer behavioral data directly into a hosted database powered by Amazon Redshift. This means you can go directly from a track call on your website and mobile app, to a cross-platform relational database, without lifting a finger.

But once your data is in a flexible SQL format, it’s your job to put it to work! Today, we’re announcing two new SQL partners — Xplenty and JackDB — that will help you do just that: process and analyze your data.

Xplenty – Drag and Drop Big Data Processing

Xplenty lets you to process, clean, and transform your data with a drag and drop interface. You can design dataflows, schedule jobs, and process both structured and unstructured data without code.

Using Segment and Xplenty, you can sort, filter, and aggregate your customer behavioral data with just a few clicks – you don’t need to install or maintain any databases. You can also integrate other sources of data into your Segment SQL Amazon Redshift cluster from NoSQL, MongoDB, SAP HANA, and more.

Read the docs or contact Xplenty.

JackDB – Broswer-based Querying Software

JackDB is a clean and simple tool for data analysis and SQL-based reporting. It’s entirely browser-based, so you can connect from anywhere and collaborate with your colleagues. JackDB also adds a security layer for your data infrastructure, including two-factor authentication, role-based access control, real-time activity monitoring, and full audit logging.

JackDB continually maintains a connection to your Segment SQL data source – even for long-running queries – so you won’t lose your work. The results will always be available in your browser.

Read the docs here.

Get Started with Segment SQL

Segment SQL is available on our business plan, alongside other VIP features like data access, replay, and your own dedicated analytics consultant. If you’d like to learn more, contact us today!