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Driving prospects through the funnel starts with the right data.

To turn leads into happy customers (and recurring revenue), you need to feed insights on what they’ve done so far back into your product and campaigns. That’s where Segment comes in.

We decided to use Segment as our data platform because, as marketers, we are constantly trying to be like Iron Man. We use technology to make us stronger, smarter, and faster. Segment is the bedrock piece of technology that helps us grow.
Niels Fogt, Director of Lifecycle Marketing at New Relic

Fast-growing B2B software companies choose Segment:

Drive engagement, retention, and revenue.

Leverage context about how customers interact with your marketing site and software to drive personalized campaigns for lead nurture, trial conversion, and upsells.

Build the best tech stack.

Use the tools you want when you want. Replay historical data into new tools you want to test, and never be locked into a legacy vendor again.

Eliminate drop-offs in your funnel.

Easily use a variety of integrations—analytics, SQL, email, survey, chat, A/B testing—to identify and squash leaks in your onboarding funnel.

Improve your lead quality.

Analyze the value of your leads all the way to "Closed Won." Improve campaigns based on learnings from the entire customer journey.

Get the full context on customers.

Arm customer success and sales teams with a 360 degree view of every customer. Identify churn risk, find upsell potential, and increase retention.


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