Build better customer relationships with good data

Understand your customer journey across all touchpoints and take action on intent signals in real time to grow your business.


Companies use consistent data for smarter customer engagement with Segment

Segment for B2B software

Unify your buyer journey across web, email, sales, support, and more


Combine all of your disparate data into a single source of truth.


Easily use a variety of integrations —analytics, SQL, email, survey, chat, A/B testing, and more.


Identify drop-offs in your funnel and correct them.

Illustration: Email Opened.

Personalize campaigns with real-time data


Identify which customers and accounts are best suited for upsell and cross-sell opportunities.


Target customers with improved campaigns based on learnings from the entire user journey.


Use the same segmentation logic in every tool so customers receive a consistent experience, regardless of channel.

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Arm your teams with complete and accurate customer context

Trust your data

Power lead scoring and churn prediction models with clean, reliable customer data.

Empower support teams

Arm customer success and support teams with a full view of every account.

Prevent churn

Improve account health to increase retention.

Illustration: Make every interaction meaningful.

Use Segment to integrate with best-in-class tools

Activate audiences in 400+ marketing and analytics tools in real time.

Illustration: Integrate Segment into your workflow.

“With real-time integrated data flows from Segment, we can truly understand what people are doing with our platform.”

Nic Sauriol

Software Development Leader

increase in revenue following a three-month customer messaging pilot program

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