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Getting started with a data warehouse

The most successful companies understand their customers and continually adapt their understanding as user behavior changes. However, achieving this understanding and making it actionable across your organization is easier said than done.

To study the entire customer journey, you need to build infrastructure to collect customer data from every channel, then find a way to load it into a data warehouse. The final step to uncovering insights is layering on a business intelligence tool to query and visualize your data.

Why Segment + warehouses

Cloud-based data warehouses are powerful tools for storing and analyzing data. However, they have traditionally required costly upfront investments and continued maintenance. You need to build and maintain ETL pipelines from various tools that provide bits and pieces of customer data collection. Additionally, you have to define a schema and continually tweak it for each new data point you add.

Segment helps get you up and running with a warehouse for advanced analytics without the integration costs. We do the heavy lifting of capturing, schematizing, and loading your user data into your data warehouse of choice. Using our straightforward libraries for data collection, you can track your customer data once and automatically send it to a warehouse. The same integration gives you turnkey access to 200+ more tools on our platform.

Our Destinations for Warehouses enable analysts and data engineers to shift focus from data cleansing and pipeline maintenance to providing insights for all of their business teams.

Way easier than building it yourself

Start using a data warehouse in minutes instead of months.

Building your analytics stack

Segment is the best way to load all your customer data into a warehouse. Think of Segment as an extra data engineer, helping to save hours of customized ETL work. With the extra help, you can surface more granular insights into your customer journey.

Central customer data repository

Avoid disparate customer data silos. Easily bring together all of your customer data — from mobile, web, point-of-sale, CRM, help desks, and more — into a single warehouse for analysis.

Analytics across the organization

Empower teams to self-serve their own answers, no matter their technical proficiency. Enable analysts and engineers to query data directly in SQL and layer on a visualization tool for business users.

Connect to your warehouse

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Segment vs ETL Tools

While Segment and ETL tools both load data into data warehouses, Segment offers a few key additional features.

ETL Tools

ETL tools provide database functions to pull raw data out of one database, clean and transform the data, and place it into another database. These tools often focus on 1-to-1 integrations, rather than building a unified customer view.

  • Access and extract data from multiple data sources
  • Perform procedural data cleansing functions
  • Filter, sort, translate, perform table lookups
  • Standardize data to conform to target databases
  • Load cleansed data to a target database, data warehouse, or data lake


Segment offers Javascript libraries and SDKs to track customer data from all your touch points and unify it into customer profiles, all before loading it into a data warehouse or other tools for analytics and growth.

  • Collect data from every customer touch point
  • Tie disparate events and interactions into unified customer profiles
  • Sort customers into meaningful audiences
  • Schematize data based on standard schema
  • Load customer data without extra configuration required

How it works

Connect and load customer data into a warehouse in minutes

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