Load all of your customer data into your data warehouse within minutes.

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Optimized for cost and performance

Schematized for easy querying across the customer journey.

Illustration: Optimized for Cost and Performance

Connect to the leading cloud data warehouses

Sync Segment profiles to your cloud data warehouse of choice within minutes.

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Clean and customizable data out-of-the-box

Standardize to create consistent data, customize data in each warehouse, and optimize sync runs to meet business deadlines.

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Complete data collected across the entire customer journey

Illustration: Complete data collected across the entire customer journey

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“We are dealing with millions and millions of end users across these products, so it’s critical not only to be able to get to the numbers, but to do so quickly and in a way that people who aren’t analysts but need that information can use it.”

Jon Borthwick

Director of Products, Identity & Access Management

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