Enable customer insights with Twilio Segment

Make informed decisions with comprehensive customer insights

Transform your business intelligence with Segment, empowering your teams to use real-time, accurate customer data for smarter strategies, enhanced growth, and increased customer satisfaction.

Illustration: Enable customer insights with Twilio Segment

Join the 25,000+ companies using the Segment platform

Deepen understanding with a 360° view of your customers

With comprehensive customer insights, create personalized campaigns that are cohesive and actionable in real time.

Illustration: Deepen understanding with a 360° view of your customers

Unify fragmented customer data

Convert disjointed data into actionable insights and precise predictive analytics enabling personalized customer experiences and informed business strategies.

Take control of your data and act on real-time insights

Implement real-time data governance and validation with Segment, establishing a trustworthy foundation for generating actionable insights and sophisticated modeling.

Measure ROI and improve experimentation

Measure the ROI of your engagement strategies accurately with Segment, from marketing campaigns to product investments, all while enhancing campaign effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Self-serve analytics

Get instant customer insights that are accessible organization-wide.

Illustration: Audience building and activation

No more manual data processing

Pulling data manually can bottleneck your business, delaying critical decisions. Segment helps you collect and clean data from any source and create unified customer profiles that are accessible to every team in your organization.

Comprehensive insights without the wait

Empower your teams with immediate access to clean, consented customer data and seamless integration with your existing analytics platforms accelerating insights and enhancing decision-making.

Transform your campaigns with robust data

Segment provides more than just data access; it equips each byte with the potential to unlock insights, guiding more informed decisions across your organization.

Data science modeling & advanced analytics

Leverage out-of-the-box data science and analytics for personalized experiences that boost revenue and customer loyalty.

Illustration: Data science modeling & advanced analytics

Your data, decoded

Segment simplifies the process of converting an abundance of data into precise, actionable insights that elevate customer experiences and drive revenue growth, making advanced analytics and data science a snap.

Predictive insights for enhanced customer experiences

CustomerAI Predictions streamlines predicting future behavior and identifying key audiences primed for engagement, by leveraging predictive lifetime value (LTV), purchase likelihood, churn, or other tracked events, enabling personalized experiences without tapping technical teams.

Seamless integration with your data warehouse

Segment simplifies the training and activation of machine learning models by providing real-time, identity-resolved customer data that can be easily ported to your data warehouse.

Why Segment

Real-time, comprehensive customer insights

Make the most of your customer data using Segment for real-time analytics and predictive modeling. Our platform ensures that every decision is backed by up-to-the-minute data, enabling you to stay ahead in delivering personalized customer experiences.

Simplify data science with CustomerAI Predictions

Leverage CustomerAI Predictions to simplify data science for your marketing team. Easily predict behaviors, fostering intelligent, predictive strategies and campaigns that proactively enhance growth and customer satisfaction.

Unify customer data for strategic decision-making

Break down data silos with Segment's unified customer profiles and transform fragmented customer data into a single, coherent view—empowering your teams to make strategic, data-driven decisions.

Twilio Segment powers the world’s leading brands

From startups to global enterprises, see what businesses have achieved with the Twilio Segment customer data platform.

“Previously, we would work with our data by moving it, then using it. Now, with Segment, we can use data while we move it. The big benefit of Segment is not only its ETL capabilities to move data from point A to point B but Segment is also able to unify data quickly in the warehouse before we can send the data to campaign tools."

Rick Troiani

Director of Omni-Channel Engagement Architecture

time saved adding new data sources

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Twilio Segment is a critical tool in your tech stack to enable customer insights and analytics. Connect with a Segment expert to learn more about why 25,000+ companies choose Segment's CDP.