Streamline data management with Twilio Segment

Collect and manage data from everywhere

Optimize data collection, compliance, and activation in real-time using Segment’s flexible platform, ensuring quality data and seamless integration with your data warehouse and technology stack.

Illustration: Customer Data Management Integration

Join the 25,000+ companies using the Segment platform

Manage quality data across all your teams and tools

Help your organization achieve customer data maturity by collecting, governing, and leveraging data effectively at scale.

Break down data silos across disparate tools and systems

Simplify data integration, eliminating silos and delivering a unified platform for clean, complete, and accurate customer data.

Maintain compliance with first-party data collection

Respect user privacy and comply with increasingly complex data protection regulations with Segment’s first-party data-centric platform.

Unlock the data warehouse for all of your teams

Create identity-resolved, real-time customer profiles that automatically sync to your data warehouse streamlining access and integration with your downstream tools.

Illustration: Manage Quality Data

Data collection & ETL

Collect data from every source with a single API and get it where it needs to be—fast.

Illustration: Data Collection

Unblock data silos effortlessly

Quickly connect all of your data sources and send clean, consented data to any of your downstream tools in real-time.

Integration without limitations

Ease data unification with 450+ ready-to-use integrations, reverse ETL for direct syncing from the data warehouse, and Functions to create custom sources and destinations using Javascript and AI.

Open, flexible, scalable infrastructure

Choose the best tools for your data stack without worrying about whether your CDP supports it. Additionally, our Developer Toolkit lets you customize and extend Segment to fit all of your unique requirements.

Data privacy, compliance, & governance

Implement a data strategy that is ethical, consent-based, and adheres to compliance standards.

Minimize regulatory and reputation risks

Activate only consented first-party data that respects customer privacy and ensures end-to-end compliance with both regional and industry-specific regulations.

Detect, classify, and block personally identifiable information

Use Segment’s Privacy Portal to define a centralized data inventory to prevent the collection and delivery of sensitive data. Give your customers a voice with our open source consent manager.

Reduce deletion and suppression request SLAs

Segment’s Deletion and Suppression tooling streamlines removing and blocking data for specific users. Plus, you can even forward deletion requests to connected destinations.

Illustration: Data Privacy

Data activation

Unlock growth with actionable insights from unified customer data.

Illustration: Data Activation

Unify every interaction across channels

Segment’s powerful identity resolution engine consolidates customer interaction histories from all data sources into a single, comprehensive profile.

Empower your teams to drive personalization with profile data

Enable teams across your organization to self-serve profile data from the warehouse to run personalized marketing campaigns, create predictive ML models, and inform product development decisions.

Fully interoperable with all major data warehouses

Segment’s Reverse ETL supports all major data warehouses, such as Snowflake, Databricks, BigQuery, Postgres, and Redshift. It’s never been easier to sync data from the warehouse to essential marketing, sales, product, and data tools in real-time.

Why Segment

Build your way, with the tools that best serve you

We’ve built an open, scalable platform that adapts to the software and tools you’ve chosen—not the other way around.

Reliably handle enterprise-scale processing

Our architecture is trusted by the biggest companies in the world to process over a million API calls per second with 99.9999% (and even more decimal places!) uptime.

The sky’s the limit with our Developer Toolkit

Build custom integrations, enrich and transform data, and extend the power of Segment to fit your organization’s unique requirements.

Twilio Segment powers the world’s leading brands

From startups to global enterprises, see what businesses have achieved with the Twilio Segment customer data platform.

“One of the many things Twilio Segment helps Fox with is saving data team resources by speeding the connection of new data sources. In one instance, it took Segment 15 minutes to connect a new data source that would typically require a two-week sprint. In Daryl’s words: “This is still one of the main reasons that we use Twilio Segment today. And if this is all that Twilio Segment did for us, I'd still be incredibly happy.”

Daryl Bowden

Executive Vice President of Technology

Saved annually from streamlined data maintenance

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