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Engineers & Developers

Tracking Meaningful Security Product Metrics

Meaningful security metrics demonstrate that your security organization is mitigating risk and driving sales.

Leif DreizlerDec 8, 2022
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Engineers & Developers

Extensibility at Segment: Use Mobile Plugins to enable Location-aware Marketing

Follow OwlEats, a food delivery startup, that uses Segment's mobile plugins to seamlessly integrate location data, enhancing customer targeting and incentivizing in-store pickups.

Engineers & Developers

Introducing Trait Activation: improve advertising ROI with better match rates

Trait Activation empowers marketers to enhance audience match rates, personalize messaging content, and streamline identifier management, ultimately optimizing advertising ROI and reducing operational costs while ensuring privacy-conscious data use.

Engineers & Developers

Implementing Analytics React Native 2.0 and Braze

This blog shares a complete implementation of Analytics for React Native and includes a 'real-world' example.

Engineers & Developers

CustomerAI Meets Serverless - Connect to thousands of integrations with natural language

Learn more about Segment’s first CustomerAI trial to enable the engineers to activate the customer data in minutes using Segment Functions.

Engineers & Developers

Dirty Data Destroys Dependability: Respecting your customers’ privacy with a data clean room

Discover how data clean rooms and Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) are reshaping modern marketing by preserving privacy while enabling data analysis in the face of stricter regulations and the decline of third-party cookies.

Engineers & Developers

Introducing Flexibility and Control in Metrics Data

Learn about a metrics data pipeline that enhances metrics collection and processing flexibility in a complex environment, employing various components for improved uptime, cost control, and data management, working towards a unified observability stack.

Engineers & Developers

Llamas on the Edge: low-latency personalization with Segment, Cloudflare, and Llama 2

The integration of Llama 2 into the Cloudflare Workers platform enables developers to create low-latency, context-aware LLM apps with Segment, allowing for personalized customer experiences.

Engineers & Developers

Modernizing Segment's ClickHouse OLAP Platform

Explore the evolution of Segment's OLAP platform, from a simple ClickHouse system to a modernized, automated platform managed by Helm and ArgoCD.

Engineers & Developers

Introducing a New Multi-platform SDK from Segment - Analytics for .NET and Unity

Segment Analytics' new SDK for .NET and Unity simplifies integration of user behavior tracking and data analysis. The SDK collects data from various sources, supports real-time data streaming, and integrates with other analytics and marketing tools.

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