Operationalize your data with Looker Data Actions and Segment


We welcome Erin Franz, data analyst at Looker, to the Segment blog! Looker is a Segment integration which allows you to explore and visualize the data you collect with Segment, in Looker. Last week, Looker launched Data Actions—yet another way for customers to interact with their Segment data on the Looker platform. Erin will share how you can take advantage of Segment Sources…

Tips, Tricks, and DIY Burritos at Segment


At Segment, we’re constantly looking for new ways to help our customers. Our core mission is to simplify how you collect, unify, and act on customer data – by adding brand-new integrations like Google BigQuery, for instance, or providing expert insights on building your marketing stack for 2017. But we also do plenty of helping in our day to day, when our thousands of…

Building a Modern Marketing Stack


Here at Segment, our marketing team takes a twofold approach to planning for the future. We foster a strong data-driven culture which helps keep everyone aligned around common information and goals. And we use that data to experiment with improving our targeted marketing and customer experience.

What is a tracking plan?


A tracking plan is a document or spreadsheet that’s used across an organization, serving as both a project management tool as well as a reference document. It generally contains three key pieces of information:

Expert Advice on Common Mobile Data Challenges

Capturing high quality customer data on mobile devices is essential to making products that customers love. But the process to capture that data can be tedious. We polled attendees at our recent WWDC meetup—a mix of engineers, data analysts, and growth marketers—on their biggest mobile data challenges.

How Segment Helps Trunk Club Deliver Personal Style


The online clothing retailer Trunk Club burst on the scene in 2009 with a breakthrough idea. It employed personal shoppers to give incredibly customized, professional shopping experiences. Customers expressed personal preferences through the company’s mobile app and its website, then shoppers selected a tailored wardrobe, or trunk, for the clients to explore.

What SQL Analysts Need to Know About Python


Python, one of the most popular scripting languages, is also one of the most preferred tools for data analysis and visualization. In addition to the broader Python developer community, there is also a significant group that uses Python to analyze data, draw actionable insights, and make decisions.

JOINing Customer and Salesforce Data To Close More Deals


Sales teams play a critical role in driving growth at b2b companies. However, throwing more warm bodies to make phone calls is not the best way to get to that hockey stick curve. The sales process has its own wealth of complexities such as identifying the best opportunities to focus on, determining the most helpful content to give to prospects at the right time, and knowing…

How Trustpilot Analyzes the Entire Customer Experience

Do you have a single source of truth for your data? As our customer Ole Dallerup, VP of Engineering from Trustpilot says, “your data is useless if it’s not in one place.” The problem with disparate data sources is that your insights stop with the walls around your data — in your CRM, in your funnel analytics tool, in your email platform. How does one part of the customer…

25 Tools to Integrate Customer Success into Your Business


Predict churn, reach out to customers at just the right time, improve retention and increase new sales, upsells and cross-sells—the promises of a robust customer success program are practically a recipe for success. They might even sound too good to be true, but they make fundamental sense. When you provide your customers with the support they need to achieve their desired…

Measuring the ROI of Support


As Head of Customer Success, I wonder whether we should continue to offer support on our free tier because it’s been hard to nail down the costs and benefits. Adding support as a feature is becoming more popular in the SaaS industury. For example, Optimizely recently switched to two plans, and you only get email support as an enterprise customer. My concern is: what if we’re…