Josephine Liu, Sherry Huang on June 9th 2021

Our latest feature, Journeys, empowers teams to unify touchpoints across the end-to-end customer journey.

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Brie McNally, Kevin Niparko on March 3rd 2022

Get to know Brie McNally! She's a registered nurse, a self-taught coder, and an awesome Product Manager at Twilio Segment!

Katrina Wong on February 24th 2022

Twilio Segment just announced the third annual Customer Data Platform report, an in-depth look into how customer data is powering our daily lives.

Kathleen Velasquez on February 17th 2022

Curious about CDPs? Here's the 5 most commonly asked questions about Twilio Segment.

Adam Dadson on February 3rd 2022

Segment's Adam Dadson walks through the process he took to become a product manager, complete with tips and tricks for PM hopefuls!

Gavin Johnson on January 31st 2022

We’re excited to announce the availability of Regional Twilio Segment, which lets you to ingest, process & store customer data on EU-hosted infrastructure.

Doug Roberge, Nupur Bhade Vilas, Simone Roscitt, Gavin Johnson on January 28th 2022

This blog provides a consolidated look at the products that Twilio Segment shipped in 2021!

Kevin Niparko, Jen Skene on January 24th 2022

Get to know Jen Skene, a product leader at Twilio Segment! Read more to learn about bats, writing, and her journey to joining Twilio Segment!

Humberto Oliveira, Seth Familian, Charles Crawford on November 18th 2021

The term 'RFM' stands for Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value. Tracking these three fairly straightforward characteristics allows you to quickly build complex models about how your customers relate to your brand, and how you should engage with them.

Geoffrey Keating on November 10th 2021

Twilio Segment releases its 2021 Growth Report, an exclusive view into how customer data fuels today’s most high-performing businesses.

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