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Jes Kirkwood on November 15th 2021

Shopify's VP, Growth Morgan Brown reveals how the company's growth team drives results in an exclusive interview.

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Lisa Zavetz, Darcelle Pluviose on August 9th 2022

Google Analytics 4 will replace Google Universal Analytics in 2023. This blog shares the newest functionalities in GA4, how a CDP can ease the migration, and what to consider when adding GA4 to your tech stack.

Kelly Kirwan on July 26th 2022

An explanation of why business data is essential for unlocking growth.

Kelly Kirwan on July 22nd 2022

The differences between structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data.

Kelly Kirwan on July 1st 2022

Marketing attribution tells you which channels led to someone becoming your customer. This article explains how attribution works and which tools to pick.

Cynthia Goldsworthy on June 24th 2022

Learn how marketers can use first-party data collection while staying compliant and maintaining customer trust.

Kelly Kirwan on June 23rd 2022

Highlights from our final day of CDP Week: Summer Edition.

Kelly Kirwan on June 22nd 2022

A recap of all the sessions we had our second day of CDP Week: Summer Edition

Kelly Kirwan on June 21st 2022

All the main takeaways from day 1 of CDP Week: Summer Edition.

Cynthia Goldsworthy on March 23rd 2022

Segment Marketing VP, Katrina Wong, and Twilio CEO, Jeff Lawson, share insights from the CDP Report 2022.

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