You asked, and we listened! We’re happy to announce API updates and three new integrations for you to start using today. Read on to learn about updates to our querystring API, support for Google Analytics custom dimensions and metrics on mobile, multiple Webhooks, and Amazon S3 moving to our Growth Plan! Also, if you’re in the market for a new email marketing or marketing analytics tool, check out ActiveCampaignInterstate Analytics and Threads by SendGrid.

Product and Integration Updates

A More Robust Querystring API for Analytics.js

If you’re not already familiar with analytics.js’s querystring API, now is a great time to give it a look! It’s a powerful way to go beyond utm parameters in tracking your emails’ calls to action or for decorating your advertising urls like AdWords’s Dynamic URLs.

But with the original implementation, you couldn’t get very granular in your tracking, because it could only parse an event name (for triggering a track) or a userId (for identify calls). This could force hoisting prepositional or adjectival properties into event names, which goes directly against our cardinal rule:

In other words, don’t do this:

analytics.track('Clicked Product Link in Cart Abandonment Email Campaign');

Do this instead:

analytics.track('Clicked Email Link', {
  campaign: 'Cart Abandonment',
  link_type: 'Product'

We’ve expanded the querystring API to support properties and traits! Just add them as key value pairs, prefixed by ajs_prop_ or ajs_trait_, respectively, to your querystring!

For the full breakdown, check out the new documentation!

Google Analytics: Custom Dimensions and Metrics Support on Mobile

Both our Android and iOS libraries have been updated to support automatic mapping of properties and traits to custom dimensions and metrics in Google Analytics.

This means with calls like:

Analytics.with(context).identify(new Traits().putValue(plan: "Silver"));
Analytics.with(context).track("Finished Level", new Properties().putValue("level", 6))

…and the following settings in your Google Analytics settings pane:

…we’d send a value of "Silver" for custom dimension 3, and a value of 6 for custom metric 2.

Webhooks: Use More Than One!

With an update to our Webhooks integration, you can now send your data to up to 5 URLs! Many customers have asked for this feature, so they can pipe their Segment data to internal systems plus extra tools like Zapier and Slack. Once you enter in your own URL endpoint, we’ll immediately start forwarding data with HTTP(s) POST requests.

Here’s a look at what the requests look like.

User-Agent: Segment/version
Content-Type: application/json
    "version"    : 1,
    "type"       : "track",
    "userId"     : "019mr8mf4r",
    "event"      : "Purchased an Item",
    "properties" : {
        "revenue"        : "39.95",
        "shippingMethod" : "2-day"
    "timestamp" : "2012-12-02T00:30:08.276Z"

If you need some help with queueing large batches of data, we’d suggest checking out

Amazon S3: Now Available on the Growth Plan

Our Amazon S3 integration copies over raw JSON logs of your Segment data into your own Amazon S3 bucket every hour. Previously only available on our enterprise plan, we’re lowering the barrier to raw data access. Now you use S3 on the Growth plan.

To get started with Amazon S3, upgrade to the growth plan, and setup your S3 bucket.

1) Create a bucket in the us-east(us-standard) region

2) Create a folder “segment-logs” inside the bucket

3) Edit your bucket policy to allow Segment to copy files into the bucket.

    "Version": "2008-10-17",
    "Id": "Policy1425281770533",
    "Statement": [
            "Sid": "Stmt1425281765688",
            "Effect": "Allow",
            "Principal": {
                "AWS": "arn:aws:iam::107630771604:user/s3-copy"
            "Action": "s3:PutObject",
            "Resource": "arn:aws:s3:::YOUR_BUCKET_NAME/segment-logs/*"

Make sure the Resource property string ends with /*.

For more info, check out the docs!

New Integrations


ActiveCampaign is an email marketing, marketing automation, and automated sales CRM platform that can help you sync marketing campaigns with sales processes. With the email platform, you can combine triggers, logic, and a variety of actions (such as sending SMS or email messages) to send unique messages based on customer behavior on your website. When particular events are called to Segment, you can launch an ActiveCampaign automation that delivers personalized, targeted follow-ups.

Interstate Analytics

If you spend a significant amount of money on paid marketing, it’s worth checking out Interstate Analytics to help you understand campaign performance without digging through SQL and CSV exports. You can apply advanced attribution models to your marketing data, so you can avoid attributing conversions to too many campaigns and understand your ROI in a multi-touch model. Interstate pulls in your marketing spend data via partner API integrations (Facebook, AdWords, AdRoll, Perfect Audience, Criteo, Taboola, Outbrain, etc) and ties it to your visit and revenue data with Segment.

Threads by SendGrid

Threads helps marketers and developers alike leverage behavior-driven, 1-to-1 communication with customers. By automating relevant and timely messages, Threads helps you grow customer engagement (ranging from welcome series to upgrade abandonment outreach) to drive conversion goals and marketing ROI. Plus, Threads is built on top of SendGrid’s email delivery platform, benefiting from its scalability, deliverability and 24/7 support.

If you have any other feature or integration requests be sure to let us know! Just shoot us a note to