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Access your real-time user profiles

Product Engineering

In order to personalize your product, you need a database full of each user's history that you can easily query. In this use case, we'll explore how to drive more personalized interactions by querying that history.

+2 Recipes Available

Accelerate experimentation (run A/B tests, feature flags, etc.)


Every product team wants to ship new features... but first you have to make sure those product features are actually helping your metrics. With this use case, we share our top tips for experimentation.

+4 Recipes Available

Analyze product adoption (funnels, retention cohorts, etc.)


When you ship new product features... how can you tell whether they've made any improvement? With this use case, we'll understand how to drive better retention and conversion by making slight product tweaks.

+5 Recipes Available

Collect web and mobile analytics with one API

Engineering Product Analytics

In order to build a great product, you need to know your customers. In order to know your customers, you need clean, consistent data. Here, we'll show you how to collect all that data with just a single API.

+3 Recipes Available

Integrate new analytics and marketing tools without engineering support

Marketing Executive Founder

How many times have you wanted to try out a new analytics or marketing tool, only to be told that it will be put in the engineering sprint backlog. We'll show you how to integrate new tools in minutes to drive additional revenue, without requiring any work from your engineering team.

+5 Recipes Available

Use customer data to power machine learning and predictions

Engineering Analytics

Building a brand new ML or recommendation system relies on one thing: having the right data. With this use case, we'll show you how to easily collect and process that data to reduce the time needed to build new ML models.

+3 Recipes Available

Build company level KPI dashboards

Analytics Product Founder

You can't make what you can't measure. With this use case, we'll share best practices for becoming a "data-driven" company by helping surface actionable data to everyone on your team.

+3 Recipes Available

Standardize analytics data across teams

Product Analytics Founder Executive

Collecting data is fairly straightforward. Ensuring that your data has consistent naming schemes and actually makes sense is much more difficult. With this use case, we'll show you best practices for standardizing your data across teams to provide a "source of truth" for your analytics.

+3 Recipes Available

Setup personalized advertising and retargeting


Most ads aren't as effective as they could be. They have the same basic message which isn't personal or targeted. With this use case, we'll show you how to drive a better return on ad spend, all by personalizing with your own data.

+4 Recipes Available

Create a single view of the customer

Marketing Founder Executive

Often, you'll find your data about customers spread across tens of different systems: internal databases, tools like Zendesk and Salesforce, your data warehouse, and more. This use case will help you unify that data so you can run consistent analysis and messaging.

+4 Recipes Available

Create real-time audiences (campaigns, lookalikes, ad suppression, etc.)


When you run a new advertisement, you don't want to target everyone. You just want to reach the users who will be most excited about your product. With this use case, you'll drive a better return on ad spend by creating those real-time audiences based off your customer data.

+6 Recipes Available

Understand your marketing funnel (campaign performance, attribution, etc.)

Marketing Analytics

One of the top areas to start as a business is analyzing your conversion funnel. From the first time a new visitor lands on your site, to when they eventually purchase your product, you should be able to systematically measure and eliminate the biggest points of friction.

+6 Recipes Available

Enable self-serve analytics in your company


It's easy for an analytics team to become inundated with requests. So many people at your company have so many different questions! In this use case, we'll share a few best practices for making those analytics self-serve, so that PMs, Marketers, and Engineers can start discovering their own new insights.

+2 Recipes Available

Measure and improve site conversion


Every business has some sort of funnel it's driving towards. The trick is, you can't improve what you can't see. With this use case, we'll walk you through ways to first measure and then improve the conversion of your funnel. We've seen users leverage these recipes to 3x the number of leads and signups they are getting each month.

+7 Recipes Available

Send personalized emails and notifications in real time

Marketing Product

Email can be an incredibly effective tool to bring users back into your product... but most emails don't come with the right message, and aren't sent at the right time. We'll show you how to send personalized emails and notifications right at the moment of highest intent.

+8 Recipes Available

Streamline compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA

Engineering Founder Executive

Any company operating in Europe or California must respect the GDPR and CCPA respectively. In this use case, we demonstrate how you can help automate compliance with tooling for suppression and deletion.

+1 Recipes Available