Use Cases

Analyze product adoption (funnels, retention cohorts, etc.)

When you ship new product features... how can you tell whether they've made any improvement? With this use case, we'll understand how to drive better retention and conversion by making slight product tweaks.

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Optimizing page performance using heatmaps

In this recipe, you'll learn how to automatically identify and segment your website traffic, and then send that data to a heatmap tool to better understand their on-site behavior.

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Remove the funnel bottlenecks that are killing your conversion rate

In this recipe, you'll learn how to fix your funnel bottlenecks so you can improve your conversion rates.

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Improve product retention rates with targeted push notifications

This recipe teaches you how to use mobile push notifications to re-engage a subset of dormant users. By sending a promotional message or raising awareness for a new product feature, you'll drive further engagement

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Analyze and optimize your funnel for conversion

In this recipe, you'll learn how to analyze your marketing funnel, and then optimize it to boost your conversion rate by 2-3x.

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Measuring product-market fit with retention cohorts

In this recipe, you'll learn how to create retention cohorts to help you find product-market fit and decide what to focus on next.

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Getting roadmap feedback from customers by understanding retention cohorts

The surest sign of a great product is when users keep coming back for more. Keeping track of user retention - the percentage of users that return to your product - is a strong indicator of product-market fit. Companies large and small measure user retention to guide their decision-making. Though user retention tends to trend downward, it’s best to strike a balance between keeping your existing users happy and acquiring new ones. Otherwise, you’ll be working with a leaky bucket. In this recipe, we explain how to use product analytics to measure and improve product-market fit. By inputting the correct data, adding retention cohorts, and collecting user feedback, you can create the optimal product roadmap to boost retention.

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Collect web and mobile analytics

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