Use Cases

Enable self-serve analytics in your company

It's easy for an analytics team to become inundated with requests. So many people at your company have so many different questions! In this use case, we'll share a few best practices for making those analytics self-serve, so that PMs, Marketers, and Engineers can start discovering their own new insights.

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AnalyticsProductExecutiveAny IndustryBeginner

Build customized reports using multiple instances of Google Analytics

In this recipe, we'll cover to how to set up multiple instances of Google Analytics, using Multi-Instance Destinations and Destination Filters, to enable you to craft custom, region-specific reports for every team at your company.


Identifying the KPIs for your mobile app

In this recipe, we will explain how to determine the KPIs (key performance indicators) that marketers should understand and be able to track before launching campaigns. We will also explain how and where to calculate KPIs within a mobile measurement provider’s (MMP) dashboard and how to act on the data provided.

AdjustMade by Adjust

Measuring product-market fit with retention cohorts

In this recipe, you'll learn how to create retention cohorts to help you find product-market fit and decide what to focus on next.

SegmentMade by Segment
AnalyticsStartupMarketplaceMobileMediaB2BRetailAny IndustryIntermediate

Using Hex, Python, Segment, and AWS S3 for easy data visualization and collaboration

Perform analysis and create visualizations of your first-party customer event data, using this recipe which combines Hex’s charting capabilities with data stored in an AWS S3 bucket (a popular Segment destination). You’ll also be able to publish and share your data work, allowing you to collaborate with your colleagues.

Charlie GerriorMade by Charlie Gerrior

Collect web and mobile analytics

Collect data once with Segment and send it any tool you use.
No more tedious integrations.