The leading customer data platform, powered by CustomerAI

Twilio Segment brings together clean, consented customer data for real-time insights so you can know each individual like they are your only customer.

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A CDP that works hard for every team, backed by enterprise-grade infrastructure

Data engineers

Segment’s libraries, automatic sources, and functions collect data from anywhere—hundreds of thousands of times per second—so you can move it where you need it.

Segment for engineers


Know your customers through rich profiles and use AI to anticipate their needs and create personalized campaigns that improve ROI.

Segment for marketers

Product managers

Get a complete view of your customers for better personalization, conversion optimization, and predictive recommendations.

Segment for product

Join the 25,000+ companies using the Segment platform

Provide 1:1 interactions at scale with CustomerAI


Generative AI

Create targeted audiences and launch personalized customer journeys within minutes using simple text prompts.

Generative AI

Predictive AI

Predict customer behavior to build targeted audiences and more personalized campaigns that lower costs and increase conversions.

Predictive AI

AI-ready data

Your AI outputs are only as good as the data you put in. Start with clean data, centralized privacy, and governance to get accurate recommendations and predictions.

AI-ready data

Security and privacy

We promote the ethical and responsible use of data privacy with AI. With all Segment products, you have full visibility into and control over the personal information you collect from customers so you can protect it and meet privacy requirements.

Security and privacy

Activate warehouse data with a CDP that’s powerful yet flexible

Twilio Segment makes it easy for data teams to prepare, enrich, and activate existing data in the warehouse, so marketers can move fast with personalized communication.

#1 CDP

in 2022 market share per IDC*


unique events tracked**

12.1 Trillion

API calls processed in 2023**

Warehouse Data

Keep your data where it is

With a zero copy architecture that treats the warehouse as a source of truth, you can make event streams, product information, and entity data open to any team and application.

Get extensibility without complexity

Build, deploy, and scale on a platform that easily integrates with your tech stack so you can quickly adapt to changing customer needs while maintaining data privacy.

Enhance every experience with warehouse data

Enrich and unlock customer profiles across your organization with real-time data and predictive AI to make every customer interaction more impactful.


450+ pre-built integrations that you can enable with the flip of a switch.

The world’s leading brands are powered by Twilio Segment

From startups to global enterprises, see what businesses have achieved with the Twilio Segment customer data platform.

“We lean heavily on Segment today to identify our consumers and their profile traits, what makes them them, and what kind of journey they are on. So, being able to have that integration with Twilio to be able to send communications to users based on their journey status is a pivotal piece of bringing those magic moments to life.“

Tory Brady

Associate Vice President, Product, Engineering & Data at Allergan Data Labs

in sales driven in 2021 YTD by direct-to-consumer (DTC)

The Growth Report 2023: AI Edition

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The Growth Report

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Learn how you can start connecting your data with Twilio Segment. Explore our plans to find the one that’s right for your team.

* Twilio is the #1 CDP for market share four years in a row per IDC (2019-2022).

** Statistics from 6/30/22 - 6/30/23