Be an Efficiency Superhero: Save Time and Resources with New Integrations and Developer Tools

Segment is launching 9 new Actions Destinations, and Developer Center 2.0.

By Charles Crawford, Bryn Saunders

If marketing goals were superheroes, Growth Man would definitely have sold more movie tickets than Efficiency Guy over the last ten years. He’s just so much more exciting! Driving around the city in the New Logo-mobile and zapping the competition with his MAU Blaster? All the kids love him!

Meanwhile, Efficiency Guy has been a sidekick, at best. The “Marginal Improvement Slap” is not a great finishing move, and yelling, “Do More With Less!” when he runs into the fight? Snooze fest.

But things are changing in our metropolis. Inflation and other macroeconomic factors are looming, belts are tightening, and while growth is still important, growth-at-any-cost isn’t going to work for a while. It’s time for Efficiency Guy to step into the breach!

Getting efficient with your tech stack

Connecting all the data produced across your company is a huge resource sink for companies, which is why Segment has put so much effort into our catalog of 400+ integrations, and why we’re so excited to announce several new ones! Like every new Segment source or destination, these are built on the Actions Framework. We launched it last year to make our integrations easier to use, more secure, and faster to develop. At this point we have 27 destinations built in Actions, and today we're launching 9 more.

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Public Beta) - Granular flexibility for bringing Segment data into SFMC

  • Salesforce Bulk API (GA) - Avoid rate limits by batching

  • Salesforce Pardot (GA) - Send Segment data to Pardot with their latest API

  • Intercom (GA) - New, granular options for managing your customer records

  • LinkedIn Audiences (GA) - Advertise to B2B with Segment-powered audiences

  • Adobe Target (GA) - A/B Testing and Personalization in the Adobe ecosystem

  • Hubspot (GA) - Quality of Life and Security upgrades for Hubspot CRM

  • Google Ads API (GA) - Offline and Enhanced Conversions features, now in the mainline Ads API

  • Webhooks Actions (Public Beta) - Power custom HTTP endpoints with real-time Segment data

These destinations—backed up by the rich, unified profiles that Segment automatically builds for each and every one of your customers—allow you to power your marketing programs with first-party data. This means they’ll be better targeted, more likely to convert, and more (say it with me!) efficient.

Most companies have a solid understanding of their target market from a demographic/firmographic point of view. When it comes to targeting, that’s good; it allows you to build a lookalike audience. These have indeed become quite effective over time, but even so, customers who switch to building audiences with first-party data still see increases in RoAS, and reductions in CAC.

And better still, every Actions Destination can take in customer data from your warehouse, via Reverse ETL. So whether you’re improving ad programs, optimizing against platform rate limits, or unlocking the power of your Data Team, Segment is the all-in-one utility belt for connecting your tech stack.

Getting efficient with your development

With the launch of the Actions Framework came new tooling for partners to build integrations. With a helping hand from Efficiency Guy, we overhauled our Developer Portal to include new time-saving tools for developers – making it easier for them to build new sources and destinations, view the status of their integrations, and manage their catalog metadata. The end result? The industry-leading integrations catalog our customers have come to know and love. To date, Developer Portal has powered 40+ integrations, such as Mixpanel and, with many more to come!

Suit up, Efficiency Guy!

If you’re already a Segment customer, just duck into the nearest phone booth to review our documentation. Then bust out and start using these new integrations and developer tools, Efficiency Guy! And if you’re new to CDP, schedule a demo, and find out how to become the newest superhero on your team!

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