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Solon Aguiar, Brian Lai on January 20th 2022

With the launch of Twilio Engage, the team needed to update the data delivery system to support the latest platform features. This blog covers the process, including questions and lessons learned, to get to the end result.

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Ilya Galperin on July 18th 2022

The Endeavor Digital Engineering team used Segment, allowing them to rapidly onboard additional data sources and expose those sources to the data science team for analysis.

Kelly Kirwan on July 5th 2022

An introduction to reverse ETL.

Gavin Johnson, Hanhan Wang on June 28th 2022

When we noticed a shift in the tools our customers use for handling their data, we asked questions. This blog is a compilation of our findings, including the preferred tools used and how they benefit the customer’s bottom line.

Kevin Burke on May 10th 2022

Learning a valuable lesson about taking your profiling data at face value.

Wenxi Zeng on April 25th 2022

Analytics Swift and Analytics Kotlin are libraries that provide a simple, modern instrumentation experience for mobile apps. This blog post highlights key performance improvements for these next-generation SDKs.

Lisa Zavetz on April 20th 2022

With a single API, Twilio Segment’s customer data platform saves engineering time and resources. It provides a more seamless way to collect, govern, and activate data so engineers don’t have to build numerous integrations.

Prima Virani on April 6th 2022

We detail how to host Fleet on an EKS cluster and send scheduled query logs to an AWS Opensource destination entirely created and managed as code.

Brie McNally, Gavin Johnson, Audrey Kittock J.D. on March 31st 2022

In the big data era, organizations can collect more customer information than ever. But legislation and privacy regulations hold companies to store only what's necessary. Twilio Segment's data purge help you keep the of between data driven and compliance.

Gavin Johnson, Hanhan Wang on March 23rd 2022

The Modern Data Stack market has seen explosive growth in recent years. To help you stay alert, we put together this blog to teach you what you want to know about MDSs.

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