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Pablo Vidal Bouza on July 15th 2021

How Segment moved from traditional SSH bastion hosts to use AWS Systems Manager SSM to manage access to infrastructure.

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Kelly Kirwan on January 7th 2022

Manually managing data can feel like a Herculean task. Learn how automated data processing saves time, energy, and money as your company grows.

Kiara Daswani on January 5th 2022

When Facebook went down, our customers lost valuable data. Segment's archival tool came to the rescue.

Geoffrey Keating on December 16th 2021

Sloppy data is bad for your bottom line. Data mapping is the process of structuring your data to enable migrations, integrations, and transformations.

Pablo Vidal Bouza on December 14th 2021

Our engineers created IAM Roles that posed risks to security. We took inventory & resolved the problem.

Benjamin Yolken on December 6th 2021

We created a unified search engine for our technical teams, which improved developer productivity.

Niels Tindbaek, Simone Roscitt on December 2nd 2021

Now more than ever, customers expect personalized, integrated, and frictionless digital experiences - and it’s rapidly changing how businesses build and adapt their customer data infrastructure. 

Kelly Kirwan on December 1st 2021

Are you concerned that data silos are stunting your organization’s growth? Read this to learn what data silos are, why they matter, and how to fix them.

Geoffrey Keating on November 30th 2021

A data pipeline comprises the tools and processes that move data from source to destination. Here’s how to build one.

Kelly Kirwan on November 17th 2021

Data cleaning or data cleansing is the process of identifying and removing dirty data. It is a crucial step in ensuring high-quality data for your organization.

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