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By Vishal Rana

As Segment’s VP of Customer Success, I get the chance to interact with a lot of our customers. I’m continually impressed by their drive to move their companies forward toward a better data infrastructure, and by the remarkable things they are able to accomplish with creative applications of data.

Segment’s annual user conference, Synapse, is coming up on Sept. 25-26th in San Francisco. It’s one of my favorite times of the year because it’s when Segment gets the opportunity to let our customers shine by sharing their stories.

Plus, this year the Segment team will unveil two new products we’ve built to give customers unprecedented control over how data flows across their entire technology infrastructure. You won’t want to miss it!

Below is a snapshot of some of the customers we’ll be highlighting across our Build and Grow themes, but I encourage you to explore the full Synapse lineup to get a taste of what this year’s conference has to offer. We hope to see you there!

Build theme: Creating your data foundation

Every company needs to put a data foundation in place that can scale with them. As a builder, it’s your job to make sure the data foundation you implement is primed to grow with your company into the future — scalable, reliable, and resilient.

Sessions aligned with our Build content theme are perfect for engineers, product managers, and analytics professionals. These sessions will be led by technical experts and will give detailed advice on how to modernize your data infrastructure and create a data-driven company culture. 

Our speakers will share stories of how they:

  • Approach the process of unifying behavioral analytics

  • Improve the accuracy, reliability, and timeliness of their customer data

  • Streamline the technology evaluation and implementation process

  • Build systems that leverage data for machine learning and AI

  • Prepare their companies for the GDPR & CCPA

Build session highlights:


Grow theme: Growing your business with data-driven strategies

Once a data foundation is in place, your company can start improving internal processes and powering remarkable customer experiences on top of it. 

Sessions aligned with our Grow content theme are perfect for product managers and data-driven marketers who want to walk away with ideas for new growth strategies. These sessions will be led by seasoned growth and technology professionals who will share their experience using data in unique ways to acquire, engage, and delight customers.

In these sessions, our growth leaders will explain how they:

  • Use first-party data to improve advertising effectiveness and reduce wasted spend

  • Drive ongoing engagement through advanced personalization

  • Build loyalty programs that improve retention

  • Operationalize recommendations from data science teams

Growth session highlights:


Become a Segment expert

At Synapse, you’ll also have plenty of opportunities to learn from and engage with the Segment team. Have questions about Segment generally? Great, ask anyone. Want to get hands on help in your Segment account? Also great, take a seat at our Segment genius bar.

For more structured learning, we’re running four sessions called Analytics Academy Live. The session title is based off a very popular digital program that Segment has created called (you guessed it…) the Analytics Academy.

In these sessions, Segment product experts will explain how to:

  • Setup analytics for new product launches

  • Use analytics to make smarter product decisions

  • Setup processes to protect data quality as you scale and at scale

  • Acquire, engage, delight customers with personalized and relevant experiences

There will be plenty of opportunities for impromptu learning as well. You’ll have ample time during the event and at the Synapse after party to talk with speakers, peers, and members of the Segment team.

Reserve your spot now

Synapse is a great opportunity to learn best practices, connect with peers, and be inspired. We hope that you can join us and be a part of the experience!

Register today with the code “LearnatSynapse" for a 50% off of a full price ticket.

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