Twilio Segment + Twilio: The Future of Customer Engagement

Peter Reinhardt on November 2nd 2020

Segment has always been a mission-driven company in service of customers and their experience.

Since day one, we've set out to make it possible for any business to adopt a customer-first approach in a digital world. That means enabling customer-focused growth with good data, so that businesses can deliver highly-personalized and engaging experiences for their customers across every channel.

Looking ahead to the next stage of our mission and growth, I'm thrilled to announce that Segment has been acquired by Twilio, a company that shares our passion and vision for enabling businesses to drive meaningful customer engagement and experiences.

Twilio shares Segment's values as a developer-first company, and even more importantly, as a customer-first one.

Almost every business today is a customer experience company at its core, regardless of what they sell or who they sell to, and we firmly believe in Twilio's vision to build the world's leading customer engagement platform. Businesses that are able to better understand and directly reach their customers have a competitive advantage. As digital transformation accelerates the world around us, this has never been more crucial. 

Both Segment and Twilio already serve thousands of innovative, customer-driven brands. Together, we believe that our complementary technologies can give companies the tools and resources they need to truly set themselves apart in the new digital-first world.

I'm extremely proud of what the Segment team has accomplished, and thankful for the incredible businesses and people who are our customers and partners today. This is just the beginning, and we can't wait to join Twilio to build the customer engagement platform of the future.

Read the press release here

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