Segment Awarded Snowflake Competency Badges in 5 Categories

By Prasid Pathak

We’re thrilled to announce that Segment has been awarded Snowflake Industry Competency Badges in five categories: Technology, Financial Services, Media, Consulting & Professional Services, Retail, and CPG

Segment has always prided itself on being a leader in data, product, and growth, with our innovative customer data platform (CDP) providing customers with a streamlined data pipeline that allows for a 360-degree view of their users.

Our strong partnership with Snowflake, a leading cloud data warehousing provider and the fastest growing destination in Segment, enables any business to adopt a customer-first approach.

Industry Competency: Consulting & Professional Services

Segment and Snowflake provide consulting and professional services companies with a single integrated platform to easily transform, integrate, and analyze data from different sources. This lets them securely acquire and share live, governed data and build and operate their own data applications, while accelerating analytics in real time.

Industry Competency: Retail and CPG

Snowflake’s Retail Data Cloud allows the seamless sharing of data across ecosystems in near real-time, enabling optimized operations and personalized customer experiences. By connecting their Segment CDP to Snowflake, customers can improve demand forecasts and supply chain operations, as well as customize marketing campaigns at an individual level.

“It was a pleasant surprise that Segment and Snowflake integrated really well and required very little effort on our end,” said Vishwanath Tanneeru, Senior Data Architect at Allergan Aesthetics. “The events that are collected across Segment are automatically archived into Snowflake, making it easy for us to access that data and leverage it to drive website traffic. The benefits of using Snowflake and Segment together aren’t possible if each platform was used independently.”

Industry Competency: Financial Services

Segment and Snowflake allow client data teams to securely collaborate on data across the enterprise while adhering to regulatory requirements. With Snowflake’s Financial Services Data Cloud, Segment users in the banking, insurance, fintech, and other categories in the financial services industry can easily launch new products and services, build better fintech platforms, and improve their privacy and regulatory compliance.

Industry Competency: Technology

Snowflake’s Data Cloud breaks down data silos, allowing technology companies to spend less time managing infrastructure and more time transforming data into insights. By integrating Snowflake with Segment’s CDP, tech teams can easily bring all their diverse data together, ready to be leveraged to build better products, create personalized customer experiences, and improve analytics.

“Transitioning from our current data warehouse to Snowflake was simple with Segment,” said Bruno Miranda, Senior VP of Engineering of healthcare networking platform Doximity.

“Turning it on took only a few minutes, and we were able to load all of our historical data in a snap. This saved us over two weeks of engineering time on the backfill, not to mention the months it would have taken to build an ETL pipeline from scratch. The transition was painless, and Snowflake’s fast and scalable architecture lets us query at lightning speed and avoid endless maintenance.”

Industry Competency: Media

Snowflake’s Media Data Cloud enables marketers, publishers, and ad tech businesses to unlock their data for identity, insights, activation, and measurement across the advertising ecosystem.  This enables Segment users to deliver targeted advertising campaigns that speak to customers at the individual level.

Together, Snowflake and Segment help thousands of innovative, customer-driven brands, empowering users to activate clean, unified data to build deeper relationships with their customers. With our Snowflake Competency badges, we are further empowered to give companies the tools and resources they need to stand out in our digital-first world.

“Snowflake and Segment’s partnership is reimagining what’s possible with data, helping joint customers activate and analyze data while maintaining security and governance standards,” said Philip Larson, Senior Director, Worldwide Partner Programs, Snowflake.

“Segment’s Competency badges are a testament to their expertise and continued innovation in the Data Cloud, further mobilizing the world’s data to deliver professional services seamlessly.”

To get started using Segment and Snowflake today, sign up for a free account, or request a demo from one of our team.

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