Save the date: Synapse launches Sept 25-26 in San Francisco

Joseph Zuniga on September 30th 2019

Today we’re very excited to announce the date, location, and ticket availability for Synapse—Segment’s third annual user conference! Similar to past events, this year’s will strive to connect you—our customers, partners, and friends—with thought leaders, influencers, and each other via thought-provoking sessions and lots of networking opportunities. Save your spot today!

Two days. Two stages. Too awesome.

This year we’re doubling-down on what matters to you most. We’re making it easy to connect with the best people, hear the right talks, and walk away with new connections that empower your data journey. We heard from past attendees that networking and high-caliber sessions are what keep people coming back, so this year we’re spreading out our action-packed agenda over two days so you have more time to walk around, meet people, and learn data best practices from everyone around you (and not just the people on stage).

Similar to last year, we’re going to structure our content around two tracks: BUILD and GROW.

In the BUILD track, we’ll dive into how cutting edge companies ensure their data is collected, distributed, and monitored with accuracy and privacy. They’ll reveal their tech stacks, selected partners, and engineering approaches to customer data.

Once you trust your data, the next step is using it to grow your business by engaging your customers. The GROW track will focus on how growth and analytics teams can use data to delight customers with helpful, contextual experiences that are aligned with their interests. 

Guests are welcome to mix and match talks that interest them from either track.  Last but not least, the after party will definitely be one for the ages. However, we’ll save those surprises for the event.

A note on diversity

As frequent conference attendees, many Segmenters have experienced being the only woman, person of color, or LGBTQ+ attendee in an otherwise packed event. Therefore, Segment is offering a special ticket price for attendees who identify with any underrepresented group to encourage and foster diverse conversations at our event.

Use code ‘synapse4all’ at checkout for $500 off of the full ticket price.

Register today! 

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