How to update your integration API tokens

Instructions for how to update your API tokens for Segment integrations.

By Security Team

Below are instructions for how to update your API tokens for Segment integrations. For more detailed instructions, please refer to partner documentation or email

  • Go to the integration partner's site (e.g. Intercom) and revoke all access related to Segment. This may be in the form of an API key, an integration, or a connected app, and will vary based on provider.

  • Navigate to the settings for the source or destination of interest. If you are updating API keys for both sources and destinations you will need to follow these instructions once for each.

  • Depending on the partner connection type the next steps will be different.

    • For integrations that rely on an API key, token, or secret:


      Create a new API key, token or secret then replace it in your Segment integration settings.

    • For integrations that rely on OAuth (You will see the partner’s logo along with a Reauthorize and Disconnect button):


      Click Reauthorize/Connect from within Segment and complete the OAuth setup flow.

    • For Other integrations:


      Please follow the getting started section for the specific partner.

If you need help rotating your API key, please send to, and we’ll help you out!

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