Twilio Segment’s Databricks integration reaches general availability

Twilio Segment's Databricks integration achieves general availability, helping businesses unlock the full potential of their customer data and deliver personalized experiences at scale.

By Sriram Kalyanaraman

2023 was the year where customers raised the bar and decided that delivering personalization at scale was table stakes and not merely nice to have.  

According to our 2023 state of personalization report,  62% of business leaders cite improved customer retention as a benefit of personalization efforts, and 80% say consumers spend more (38% on average) when their experience is personalized.

Accurate data is the driving force behind an organizations’ ability to build personalized experiences. And 50% of companies that were surveyed felt like getting accurate data for personalization is a challenge.

Enter Twilio Segment, the #1 CDP for 2022 market share per IDC. 

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With our out-of-the box integrations to popular data storage solutions, Twilio Segment customers have ingested over 1 trillion rows per month, consisting of events and profiles and have been doing so at this scale for the past several years.

In June 2023, Twilio Segment announced a strategic partnership with Databricks. This new partnership will help thousands of businesses bring their customer data bidirectionally from Twilio Segment into the Databricks Lakehouse, enabling new use cases that offer actionable insights and deliver personalized experiences at scale. A core pillar of the partnership is to support bidirectional integrations between Twilio Segment and Databricks that would enable our customers to seamlessly ingest and activate data.

We are excited to announce that Twilio Segment customers who use Databricks now have access to three integrations which are generally available starting today.

 So what’s new?

  1. Databricks as a Storage Destination: Sync events into the Lakehouse.

  2. Databricks as a Profiles Sync Destination: Hydrate the Lakehouse with unified and Identity-resolved customer profiles.

  3. Databricks as Reverse ETL Source: Activate data directly from the Lakehouse via Segment to unlimited destinations including 450 prebuilt, battle tested, APIs with the world's most popular martech applications.


During the beta phase, we partnered with several early adopters, and iterated to general availability by incorporating feedback that would allow customers to leverage these integrations at scale in a reliable manner. These integrations are packed with features, but here are some key highlights:

  1. Integrated with Unity Catalog: This allows customers to query data via SQL warehouse as soon as the data is ingested into the Lakehouse

  2. Validated support on major clouds: Databricks on AWS, Azure

  3. Supports selective syncs: This allows customers to filter and control what gets ingested into the Lakehouse

  4. Supported in Segment US and EU workspaces

  5. Supports OAuth authentication

  6. Supports ingesting Segment events (e.g.: events triggered by user actions on a website) and object data (e.g.: data from a SaaS app) into the Lakehouse

Data teams and marketers can leverage Twilio Segment to apply powerful machine learning capabilities available in the Databricks platform and implement mission critical use cases like marketing attribution, predictive analytics, churn prediction, measuring marketing campaign performance, measuring ROI on ads spend, and so much more. Furthermore, in a more traditional BI sense, Data teams can also leverage these integrations to ingest and query from a cloud agnostic data store, build dashboards, and perform exploratory data science.

“Databricks customers, now with bi-directional integrations from Twilio Segment, can empower Data and Marketing teams to seamlessly ingest and activate data directly in the Lakehouse. By combining the power of Twilio Segment’s Customer Data Platform and Databricks’ machine learning capabilities, customers can build a comprehensive view of their users and unlock the full potential of their data.” said Steve Sobel, Databricks Global Head of Communications, Media & Entertainment GTM

 Please read our documentation to learn more about these integrations and how you get started today:

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