Introducing Workspace Home

Rachel Landers, Doug Roberge on March 10th 2021

We’re excited to introduce the new Workspace Home in Segment. 

Workspace Home is a customizable dashboard that delivers a unified view of your customer data infrastructure. It allows you to monitor and manage the health of your entire customer data pipeline—from your most important integrations to usage metrics related to billing—ensuring that your customer data stays complete, accurate, and error-free.

Workspace Home is now available to all Workspace Owners on the Business Tier. 

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Complex data ecosystems require simple solutions

Thousands of companies depend on Segment as their customer data platform—a core piece of infrastructure that allows digital businesses to harness customer data to deliver personalized customer experiences. 

While Segment streamlines the process of collecting, cleaning, and distributing customer data, the customer data ecosystem at many companies remains complex. That’s because digital has become the most important and fastest-growing channel for modern businesses. More and more customer interactions are shifting online and companies are adopting more tools to manage their expanding digital customer experience. As a result, companies across the board need to collect data from more sources (like websites and apps) and send that data to more marketing and analytics tools.

This trend was clearly reflected in Segment’s customer base, particularly in enterprise companies. Some customers had hundreds of users managing thousands of integrations within their customer data pipeline. At that scale, it was challenging for our customers to manage everything that was happening in a workspace with the tools available in the Segment App. 

So, we set out to understand what our customers needed to monitor and manage the health of their customer data pipeline. We started researching exactly how many customers were facing what we called the “complexity conundrum” and how we could solve it. 

A unified view of your customer data infrastructure

Based on feedback and insights from our customers, we built Workspace Home to deliver a unified view of your customer data infrastructure. It’s set up as customizable modules that help answer the four most common questions Workspace Owners face each day:

How is my data quality?


We designed a module to empower Workspace Owners to monitor and drill into Tracking Plan violations to ensure the highest data quality for any customer data is flowing through Segment (learn more about how you can use Protocols to ensure clean and consistent data collection here).

If you see a spike in violations, you can click into the module to understand which Segment sources are contributing the highest percentage of events with violations. Simply click into those sources to jump directly to the relevant page in the app to troubleshoot.

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Event Delivery

Understand aggregate event delivery metrics and trends at a glance. Clicking into the module will provide a per-destination instance breakdown of top-contributor to event delivery failures.

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What needs my immediate attention?

Billing Usage

Keep track of how you’re trending against your billing metrics with the usage module. This module links directly to the usage page, allowing you to drill into which integrations are contributing to your usage spikes.

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What’s happening with my most important integrations?

Integration Favorites

We discovered there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution for Segment workspace monitoring. To allow users to customize their Workspace Home, we created “favorites.” Within this module, each user can pick and choose which Segment integrations they care about most at any given time—from cloud sources to Functions and every integration in between.

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Has anyone made an unexpected change to my workspace?

Recent Activity

Organizations delegate workstreams and integrations in order to implement many use cases at scale. While this can improve efficiencies, it also generates opportunities for mis-implementation and unapproved changes. We’ve brought our Audit Trail front and center in this module, which provides quick oversight into recent changes in the workspace.

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Getting started with Workspace Home

Workspace Home is currently available for Workspace Owners in Business Tier workspaces. The next time you sign in to Segment, it will be ready to customize and use. The homepage is tied to each individual user, so any customization (like adding favorites) will only be viewable by the person who configured them. 

If you are a Workspace Owner and want to learn more about the new Workspace Home, login to Segment to view a quick walkthrough or check out our documentation.

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