Build deeper customer relationships with Journeys

Our latest feature, Journeys, empowers teams to unify touchpoints across the end-to-end customer journey.

By Josephine Liu, Sherry Huang

Tune in to our discussion with industry experts, including the VP of Global Strategy and Transformation at Walgreens Boots Alliance, to learn how the most innovative companies are approaching next-level customer engagement, and how to design intelligent customer experiences with Journeys. Watch here.

If 2020 was the year of digital transformation and acceleration, 2021 is the year of omnichannel personalization at scale. The promise of data-activated, one-to-one marketing is not only possible, but now increasingly expected by today’s customers.

In fact, our latest State of Personalization report found that nearly half of consumers say personalization is a basic requirement for online shopping, and even 75% of businesses believe personalization is table stakes in today's world for online retail shopping experiences.

To date, we’ve empowered marketers with our Personas product to access the unified customer profiles they need to build advanced segmentation and continuously enrich profiles based on real-time customer behavior. And now, we’re taking it another step further with our latest feature: Journeys.

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Now available for Personas customers, Journeys takes the next step for marketers to unify teams around the customer journey builder designed for the new, digital era. Powered by first-party data, Journeys gives you the ability to deliver highly personalized, omnichannel marketing at scale and in real-time. 

Make it a continuous conversation

Most traditional marketing communications involve delivering one-way messages to customers, whether it’s a single product launch announcement or an order confirmation email. 

However, personalization is imperative in today’s customer engagement; in fact, 60% of consumers say they will likely become repeat buyers after a personalized experience in 2021, compared to 44% in 2017. 

With Personas’ unified customer profiles, you can better understand how, when, and where users are engaging with your brand. And now, with Journeys, marketers are empowered to deliver the differentiated, personalized experiences that keep customers coming back.

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Using real-time events, Computed Traits, or even time logic, marketers can now design workflows that move users through  multi-step experiences in real-time.

Orchestrate the outcomes you want

No more are the days of pricey brand activations or single email blasts; marketers these days are facing increasing pressure to leverage data-driven insights and execute campaigns that map to tangible results. 

With Journeys, we’ve elevated our powerful Personas Audiences into an intuitive UI for marketers to design multi-step journeys that drive to results, whether it’s starting a subscription or requesting a demo.

Unite paid and owned channels 

One of the most common issues we hear from companies is the issue of inconsistent, untrustworthy data across teams and tools. Just take it from one of our customers, Grayson Bagwell, Director of Business Development and E-commerce at, who explains, “One of our largest problems is that we have so much information and so many things that are occurring on our sites, and we didn't have a great place or way to distribute that information.” (Read the whole story here.)

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With Connections, we’ve empowered all teams with good data, wherever they need it. Data should be portable; it should flow freely from every single customer touchpoint to any team or tool. We equip developers the building blocks they need to build the data foundation necessary for great customer experiences, and Journeys is no different.

Unlike point solutions that execute campaigns in a limited set of owned channels, or legacy suites built on incomplete data foundations, Segment empowers companies to design comprehensive, unified journeys across their best-in-breed stack. That means you can unify your live chat with your paid media strategy, or owned communications with your analytics tool, all in one place.

According to Grayson at, “The fact that we can coordinate our advertising and email campaigns together in one place with Journeys is critical to delivering a customer experience that stands out.” 

Start your journey today!

By unifying teams and tools to a single view of the customer journey, Journeys empowers all teams to build deeper relationships with their customers. The possibilities are endless when you have clean, unified customer data connected to an extensible activation platform like Segment.

For our Personas customers, log in to your workspace to check out our latest Journeys feature. New to Segment and want to learn more? Request a demo today.

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